If you hang out with me very long, especially if we get together to eat, you’ll quickly find out that I am a picky eater. I always have been. Growing up I wasn’t forced, like many, to “eat my vegetables,” so it wasn’t until I started getting serious with my then girlfriend and now wife that I got adventurous with my dinner plate. Eating at her parents’ house changed that. I still don’t eat a ton of veggies, but because of them, and her, I do make attempts from time to time with new varieties of food.

All this being said, I actually have an itch to try my hand at some gardening. My father-in-law has a large garden that he works each year, and we get a lot of food from it. I admire the amount of effort he puts into it.  I know that there is no way that I would ever be able to take care of all the plants that he does, but I still have that itch. I want to get my hands dirty and work the soil and see the return on sweat investment. Even though I probably wouldn’t eat most of the produce we grow, the challenge and reward for effort is appealing. So, I’ve done some research on how I can create a small but successful garden in my suburban Atlanta backyard. I’m gonna try it out this year. Maybe I can inspire you to, also.

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So you decided to purchase a product from the big box and now you find yourself needing to get it serviced. What do you do? You start calling around and asking all the small engine repair shops if they can service or provide maintenance for it. The greatest problem you will run into is finding a shop that has access to the original manufacturer parts for your power equipment.

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It was 1992 that Howard Brothers held its first one day sales event. At the time, the landscaping industry in Atlanta was just beginning to take root. We held the event at the old Falcon’s Inn in Suwanee. Lawn tractors and push mowers were the big ticket items back then. At the time, we were a Toro dealer. Folks were using Snapper Rear Engine tractors to cut grass.

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