Are you a part of a local organization or club and need to raise some money?

  • Perhaps you’re a church student group and you want to raise money for a mission trip or another missions related activity.
  • Perhaps you’re a softball team and are raising money for equipment and/or travel to a softball tournament.
  • Perhaps you’re a cross country team and need to raise money for entry fees to some track meets.
  • Perhaps you’re a neighborhood swim team and are looking to pay for new equipment around the pool.

Photo Oct 05, 2 13 45 PMLike most small businesses, we get bombarded with requests for sponsorship. We just can not accommodate every request, but we do want to help some how… which is why we’ve offered clubs or organizations the opportunity to hold a carwash on a Saturday at one of our locations.

At our Duluth or Oakwood stores, you can sign up to hold a car wash. Our stores are located on major roads and receive A LOT of traffic every Saturday. We’re also sure to have a lot of customers stop by the store anyway on Saturdays, which gives you a immediate customer base for dirty cars which need cleaning. We give you the water, soap and rags. You provide the labor!

Photo Oct 05, 2 13 52 PMBUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

We also have large charcoal grills that we will allow the club or organization to use at no charge, and we will even give you the supplies to cook hotdogs and sell those as well on the Saturday of your car wash. That’s right! We will supply the hotdogs, buns, condiments and supplies needed to have a cookout the same day as your car wash to raise additional money. You supply some drinks to sell. If you want to do donuts that morning or baked goods you will surely be successful.

Photo Oct 05, 2 13 22 PMWe know that we have had groups who have been really successful, because they always come back. They advertise to their supporters that they’ll be at our stores on a given Saturday, and it just works.

If you are interested in scheduling a fundraiser event with us? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to begin working out details. Acceptance depends on our Saturday schedule of events at either our Duluth or Oakwood Stores.

Car Wash Fundraiser Request Form