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Feb14 BOM Digital Ad - Vert

Are you still in shock from the Ice Jam that happened last week? Still in shock from the way the Seahawks beat up on Payton Manning and the Broncos last night? Are you still wondering if what General Beauregard Lee, the Famous Atlantan Groundhog, saw (or didn’t see) means anything. Will we see an early spring?

One thing is constant. The calendar is always in motion. It is February 2014 already. That means our endcaps have been refreshed with new featured products and THAT means we have new Bargain of the Month items from True Value.

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I hate to break this to you… It’s the new year.

This time tomorrow, we’ll know if the peach drop at Underground Atlanta actually ‘dropped’ to ring in the new year… at the very least we’ll understand what roll this Yellow M&M has in the event.


HT: Fox5 Atlanta

Either way, nothing will change on our end in the new year related to True Value Bargains of the Month. We’ll still have them and you can probably predict them like we can now too :) By the way… we’ve already pulled these deals out this last day of 2013. So you can come in today and get them!


18 Gallon Storage Tote

Coming in green and blue these American Made Plastic Storage Totes are durable and convenient for this time of the year where you’re probably putting away Christmas decorations. You may even plan to make one of your new years’ resolutions to get more organized. What size is 18 gallon? 23.25″ x 18.75″ x 13.5″ Great for Clothing Storage, Toys, Seasonal, Camping, Etc. Regularly $10.99, but on sale now through the end of the month for $4.99!

seed10-lb. Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed or 20-lb. Wild Bird Food

10 Lb. Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed… what really can we say about this? This bag seems to be one of the more popular seeds that we sell when they are a bargain of the month. They do attract a large variety of birds, and if you’re like me, squirrels too. (You’ll have to figure out a way to keep the squirrels away) $5.99!

20-Lb. Wild Bird Food

This blend is a mix of sunflower, milo, white millet and cracked corn. 20lbs for $5.99 per bag. Store up till the next time True Value offers this as a Bargain of the Month!

dogfoodPurina Alpo Dog Food, Prime Cuts, 47-lbs

This last item has become a very popular BOM (Bargain of the Month) for us since True Value started selling it. Alpo Prime Cuts, 47 lb. dry dog food has a savory beef flavor dogs crave. 100% complete and balanced supply of supply of vitamins, minerals and nutrients makes it everything your dog needs to stay healthy and strong. Comes in fun shapes dogs love sinking their teeth into. Regularly $23.99, but on sale now until January 31 for $19.99!



Are you in the middle of decorating for Christmas? Still have boxes of Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations sitting in the hallway, while you’re doing the best you possibly can to get some Christmas cheer in the house? You’re not alone.

Perhaps, there are a couple True Value Bargains of the month in December, that can help you out, or at the very least, make things easier on you.

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Honda RED Friday Deals on Black Friday

Hey Atlanta and North Georgia! Have you been thinking of getting a generator in case of storm or power outage?  Amazed by how quiet the RV is at the camp site? Now’s the time to act and get yourself a Honda Super Quiet Generator. Reliable power for work, home and play!

From now until December 2nd, you can “See Honda Red and Save Some Green!”

From now until December 2nd, you can get up to $100 off a Honda EU Series Generator . It is super quiet. Reliable Power for work, home and play.

But wait… there’s more.

Using the True Value Credit Card for financing, you can purchase the generator after November 27th and get no interest till January 2015!

Early Christmas Present?

Give us a call or email us if you are interested.

Howard Brothers Alpharetta – 770-754-4114

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Howard Brothers Duluth – 770-476-3006

Howard Brothers Oakwood – 678-450-0500

Honda RED Friday Deals on Black Friday

Honda Red Friday Deals


We are in a new month already. 2013 is gonna be over before we know it. Soon, we’re gonna be decorating our houses for Christmas.

If you’re like me, you look forward to this time of year. I’ve already started to listen to a few Christmas albums on my itunes list. That doesn’t make me bad does it?

Here are the items this month that True Value Hardware has identified as “Bargains of the Month.”

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Whoa. It’s October? When did this happen? It sure seems like September just started last week. Actually, if you go visit many of the bigger retail establishments, you’ll walk inside and immediately think that it is Christmas. The decorations are coming out of the back storage rooms, and Halloween decorations are already being discounted because they’ve been out for two months thus far!

By the way, did you know that Halloween is supposedly the second largest holiday when it comes to decorating? Do you decorate inside or outside for Halloween? #funfact Perhaps one of the items will reflect this fact.

Moving on this month’s True Value Bargains of the Month. Let’s see what we have…

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Willie Stargell played 21 seasons with the Pittsburg Pirates. I was born in 1976, but when I think of Willie Stargell, I think of him in that yellow jersey with the “civil war style” black cap that had two rows of gold stars around the cap and the ‘P’ in front. I guess growing up a Braves’ fan we saw the Pirates vs Braves a lot on TBS. Willie always stood out to me as a baseball great.

Willie had a quote that hung with me too, “I love September, especially when we’re in it.”

Well… We’re in it!

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