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Bargains of the Month – November 2016

November is upon us! We’re all excited for the holiday season around the corner, and we’re looking forward to starting the Countdown to Christmas next month. That being the case, we know there is also a ‘Countdown to Christmas Decorations’ followed closely by the ‘Countdown to it Being Socially Acceptable to Blast Christmas Music’. In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for Top 40 and Dental Care Ads on the Radio.

Also, we can start cleaning up our disfigured Jack O’Lanterns and start scraping Snickers wrappers off of our doorsteps. Halloween is freshly over and we can finally indulge in all of the candy your children thought was for them.

With Thanksgiving on the way, fun family times are a’comin’ and you’ll need to be prepared for the impending passive aggression, and seating for about 20. Tables, chairs, placemats, doilies, the whole lot are necessary for a prepared house in this time of much eating.

These Bargains of the Month reflect preparedness – as they usually do. Here they are:

image-11 Gal. Master Mechanic Bar and Chain Oil

Before Winter hits, trimming down some limbs and trees could be on your to-do list. Making sure that your chainsaw is going to be ready for use or long storage is always important, because a failed chainsaw is no fun situation.

Making sure that your chains are properly lubricated is a must in any situation, from resisting sap build-up to keeping the gears pliable and moving freely. Storage is also safer as moisture will be deterred by the oil mix.

Keep some on hand for when you really need it.

Right now – and through the month – you can pick up a gallon for only $4.99.

image-318 in. x 28 in. Natural Coir Door Mat

After doing anything with oil or being outdoors, you need to make sure that you don’t bother the ole’ spouse with some muddy footprints and spare crinkled leaves from the most recent trip.

Nothing is better for that than having your holiday spirit let loose all over something you step on every day.

For that, we have our Winter and Holiday Themed Door Mats of your choice for $9.99. Come pick one up so you can drop it right before you enter your house.

image-5200-Ct. Mini LED Light Reel

As we get into the season of ‘Winter Wonderland’, us Georgians have to make up for the lack of ‘glistening snow’ with expansive light shows and trimmed door frames.

To do that, you need the heavy duty stuff. We have the heavy duty stuff.

When boxes of 40-50 lights go out of stock at the nearest Big-Box store, we have the neighbor-shaming, electric bill increasing, shiny new light rolls for the prepared hardcore decorator.

$14.99 is a steal for Weapons of Mass Holly and Cheer.


image-240-Lb. Bag Wild Bird Food or 20-Lb. Bag Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed

Since we’re getting into the season of giving, how better to start than taking care of our tree’s inhabitants? You might need to borrow some of that landscape for the light-hanging and making sure it’s good with our feathered friends is a good call.

The birds are having a hard time finding food now that the Fall is upon us, and it’s not too hard to help them out and be a good neighbor. Plus, they’ll come out to see you more.

$9.99 for either bag, both will last a long time through the rough cold.

image3 Step Fiberglass Type II Platform Ladder

Now that you’ve got the lights ready and the neighbors pacified, it’s time to get those lights up. Then you remember that you’re not quite 6′, and that is a problem when the fence is 7′.

You need something strong and light to haul all around your yard, and this is just the thing.

The fiberglass construction makes hauling it easy, and the extra few feet to your God-given height will be a necessary addition; it’s yours for $49.99 after a $10 mail-in rebate.

image-46′ Deluxe Folding Banquet Table and All Steel Black Folding Chair

Now that you’ve got the outside decorated and the yard fixed up, it’s time to prepare for the impending familial responsibilities.

You’ve got a house to fill with everything from weird uncles to rambunctious kids. That means you’re going to need some seating and a whole lot of room.

What better way to fill the space than with something you can pull out and put up in a spare closet? With foldable tables spanning 3 people per side, and All Steel Folding Chairs to complete the entire thing; that’s a recipe for success.

Tables are on sale for $34.99 and Chairs are on sale for $9.99. Both are foldable and will make your life a whole lot easier.

Come check out our Bargains for November at our Doraville, Duluth, or Oakwood stores; We’ll help you find them and make sure you’re set for the Season to come!

In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving.


Bargains Of The Month: October 2016

Well, October is here and Fall is following suit, which is quite a surprise after an interesting weekend at the Duluth Fall Festival where we had 5 or 6 festival-goers pass out from heat exhaustion. They claimed it was the hottest Fall Festival in 34 Years of existence, and after 12 hours in the Sun, we all believed it.

Regardless, the weekend following has definitely been showing up and making the temperature drop known. A couple of days of temperate behavior are sure to turn into half-past freezing after a brief recess. It’s appreciated nevertheless.

Back to Business.

Well, it’s fall. Things change, and we have just the stuff for you to get ready.

Kidde Digital Battery-Operated Carbon-Monoxide Alarm or Fire Alarmkiddecmalarm

Not messing around here, having a Carbon Monoxide Alarm is very important for houses. All Houses. (oh and you have some in your business too, right?)

Usually with these deals I’m a more light-hearted writer that just wants to inform about the products and grab a few laughs. I’m taking a brief hiatus to say that this is can be a life-saving appliance.

Carbon Monoxide can be produced from faulty heating units and is odorless and colorless. It is also a lethal toxin. If you don’t have one then please pick one up. They’re battery powered, inexpensive, and compact. It only makes sense.

Thank you for reading my spiel. They’re only $19.99 for either the Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Grab 1 or multiple.

36-Ct. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and 12.5 oz. Spray Comblysolcomboo

After our little serious endeavor, we can go ahead and start from a clean slate…

*Buht Um Tsss*

Lysol Wipes. We all need ‘em. They make the rocking world go clean.

Go ahead and clean up some surfaces before the cold makes you lose all feeling in your limbs and fingers. It’s not fun. Plus the spray comes with it!

A nice combo that everyone knows for only $5.97?  Deal.

8-lb. Bag of Birders’ Blood Premium Bird Food or 20-lb. Wild Bird Foodtvbirdfood

With times getting colder, we have to think of our musical neighbors that deserve a helping hand. After some serenades into our morning commute, the performers could use a couple of tips.

As we all know, everyone gotta eat. Therefore, stock up on some of this bird food and help a brother out. They’ll stay around a little bit longer and definitely be grateful.

Our fun friends’ month-long meal is only $4.99 a pop. Treat yo’ birds.

4-Pack of Long Life Light Bulbs4packbulbs

Along with the cold this Fall, we can also expect a lot less light with the shorter days. With more use of interior lighting, it’s about time to fix that light bulb in the bathroom you’ve been ignoring for the last 4 months.

Light bulbs are always something to have on hand, so save while you can! We have many different varieties for all applications of regular bulbs.

All varieties are available at $5.99 a pack!

1 Qt. of Pennzoil Motor Oilpnzoil

As we always say, regular maintenance is preventative maintenance, and regular oil changes become even more important when the lower temperatures start making a move on your engine block.

We like your things to run. Don’t get me wrong, we love to fix your stuff, but happy customers are our main goal. Take it from us, we love seeing your face, but we like to see it smiling too.

$2.99 a Pop. Whoop!

40-lb. Morton System Saver II Water-Softening Pelletsmortonwatersoftener

  • For use with most water softeners
  • High purity salt pellets with resin cleaning additives
  • Helps to extend the life of your water softener
  • Helps fight mineral build-up and prevent bridging, mushing and channeling
  • Designed to eliminate softener brine tank clean-out

A 40lb bag is on sale for $5.99. All month long.

Bargains of the Month: September 2016

Ah, Fall. Fall is coming/among us – depending on when you read this. For us Georgians, this means cold is coming, and quick. In the meantime you’ll be scouring our stores for some rakes, gloves, boots, and blowers to keep you and your lawn ready for nature’s changing season.

We all know the crunchy sound of the leaves from when we would walk through the woods as a kid with our puffed-out vests and a half-soaked stick in our right hand. From the occasional Red Cardinal to the times we thought we could chase squirrels, it was always more fun to adventure with the temperature lower than a solid 84 Degrees.

Even so, the cold has never been high on my list of favorites, and I feel as if many others around me share the same opinion. It just gets everywhere and you can’t get rid of it without very specific equipment: a fireplace, a Central Heating Unit, or a cuddle-some dog that is slightly heavier than you’d want in your lap.

Even if we don’t carry those things specifically, we have some of the other stuff you’re going to need to maintain, use, and make sure you’re not freezing underneath those boots that just came back into season.

Camco -50° RV Antifreeze and Ethanol Blend – Gallon Jugs850543

First on the list is making sure that your precious RV is taken care of. Whether you’ve been spending the entire summer on the road, or are about to head out on a grand adventure, you want to make sure that the pipes and engine will make it through the cold times.

With these jugs you’re getting into that regular preventative maintenance we always talk about. Frozen valves make for a bad time, and fixing them is an even worse time.

We have both Antifreeze and an Ethanol Blend for whatever you might need. Antifreeze is 2 Gallons for $7 and Ethanol Blend is 2 for $5, just come down a grab some.

1.1 Gallon RTU Home Defense Max Insect KillerOrthoInsectKiller

With every winter, you can sometimes forget that everyone wants to be warm, including some of the more invasive neighbors around us.

Those neighbors being bugs. Lots of bugs.

Now we all know that a couple of bugs is nothing to fret over, but the entrance into houses during the winter is more of a Mass Exodus from the yard and a Genesis of Ant-Ridden Sugary Cereals. Not exactly the extra protein you needed.

Breakfast: It’s the most important meal of the day. Take care of it. Grab a bottle for $11.99 with an extra $2 Mail-In Rebate.

Touch ‘n Foam Spray Sealantsen_31_sealants

After you push back the enemy of your estate, it’s time to tend to the wounds of battle. That’s why you need yourself some Touch ‘n Foam Sealant in your life. As everyone is getting colder, some people might be very tempted to crank that heat up like a hit single from 2007. Your wallet’s had enough heartache, give it some rest for once.

These cans of Spray Sealant can be bought in a multitude of fashions to defend any part of the house. From pipes to cross beams to windows and doors, Touch ‘n Foam will reinforce the heat leaks and seal in the warm feeling of security for only $3.99 a pop.

Energizer Vision 80-Lumin LED Headlight.headlight

This one will be quick. Looking around to spray your Touch ‘n Foam Spray Sealant in the attic? It’s dark, but it doesn’t have to be.

Simple head lamp that’ll last forever with LED bulbs and a handy head strap.

On sale for $9.99 this month.

#quickadsforthewin #lettherebelight #catchyhashtags

4.75 Gallon of Drive-Kote 500DriveKote

While the temperature is getting colder, we know the cold comes in quick, and with a vengeance. From Summer to Fall, it goes from Blazing Humidity to Unexplored Tundra after 4 days of peaceful Mediterranean Tranquility. The metaphors are crazy with this one.

That being said, any outdoor repairs should be done before you lose feeling in your fingers. All of those potholes in that driveway could definitely use some attention, and you don’t want to lose it to the deep, dark depths of the “Honey, can you…?” list.

This Filler is guaranteed for 5 years and is a mere $15.99. Crazy right?

Weiman 30-Ct. Cleaning Wipes – Of an Awesome Assortment

Weiman Cleaning Wipes Assortment
Weiman Cleaning Wipes Assortment

As always, we usually end the bargains of the month with a tiny little reminder that cleanup afterwards is a must for a happy marriage.

With these Cleaning Wipes, you have an easy way to keep some around the house whenever that times comes. Maybe you haven’t been detailing the kitchen as much as the ’71 Camaro project that you may or may not actually get running sometime soon. $7 for 2, you can easily grab the entire collection, or stock up on of those “problem areas”.

Hope you had a great Summer, here’s to a great Fall.


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.46.27 PM


True Value Bargains of the Month – August 2016

Bargains of the Month – August 2016

August is rolling in and we can hold on to the summer for a week or two more before it’s back to school for our nation’s youth (this is followed by some sighs of relief – I’m sure). It’s been a great summer that will soon come to a close, but we will be able to remember Rio 2016 and the athletes that represented our country.

Even with all those big events going on, you probably know a lot of people moving. It’s the middle of lease season when the tenants become forwarding addresses and leasers become inhabitants. Just in the last month, I myself have had to help about four different people move; often makes me want to hide the information about the SUV I drive and my generally open weekends.

Regardless, it’s always time to stock up and make sure you’re prepared for the move. We have a great set of deals this month stacking up around your – or someone-you-know’s – move. From the leaving, to the moving, to the settling in, we definitely have what is needed at our Doraville, Duluth, or Oakwood Hardware Stores.

Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries

Duracell AAA, AA, C, D, or 9V Batteries

When it comes to, well, everything nowadays… you need batteries.

You just do. This Geek knows.

When it comes to moving, you probably need it for that security deposit you’ve been praying for all year. That means that you have to have everything working again, which can be a few batteries away from keeping that Smoke Alarm on High Alert and the Thermostat from blanking out.

Renters are always looking for a reason to keep your money! Don’t give them one; pick up a pack of batteries starting at 5.99.

Folding Handle Platform TruckLeTruck

Now that you have that cash in hand, you’re gonna need some assistance with those boxes. Some of your friends might have plans (excuses), but a few will show up.


Either way, you’re going to need more help than that, and introducing the Folding Handle Platform Truck!

This small cart can assist you with anything! Well, as long as it involves moving something. From tall stacks of boxes to that awkward-to-carry dresser, this cart will deliver results and then fold up for the next job.

24.99 is a low price to pay for a few extra hands.


Raid 17.5-oz. Wasp and Hornet or 18-oz. Flying Insect Killer SprayRaidddd

Once you’re all packed up and at the new pad (that’s still hip to say, right?), there’s always time for future-proofing. Some critters might be hiding in a post-uninhabited area and might be in great need of some expulsion for your own sake.

Spraying a few new nests and clearing out that mystery spot you missed before the lease-signing would help you sleep at night.

Especially that weird first night where you wake up and forget where you are, you’re going to need all of the help you can get. The mini-freak-out the following morning is mandatory.

Come grab a can or two for only 4.99 with an additional $2 Mail-In Rebate.

Organizer Desk Lamp with Built-In USB PortLampy

After you have everything moved in and you’ve found out what you’ve lost, then you need to fill in those empty spaces. Not enough light in that corner over yonder? Never fear, for this Organizer Desk Lamp!

Grabbing a small lamp to light up a corner can completely define a new room, and with a Built-In USB port, you even have an extra charging station! WOW! Crazy.

Honestly though, if you really wanted to go grab a Wall Block to charge your phone up, it’d cost 19.99 anywhere else. Grab a Handy Little Light with a Handy Little Pen Holder and a Handy Little USB Port. It’s a win, win, win.

12” Convertible Stand/Table FanFan!

Now you’re settled in for the most part. You’ve taken care of the missing pieces of furniture and finally have food in the house, so you need to sit and relax for a bit. Whether it is in the Living Room with the Half-Assembled Entertainment Center, or the Bedroom missing a nightstand temporarily, you want a nice breeze flowing your way. We at Howard Brothers have just the thing.

With a 12” Convertible Stand or Table Fan, it’s the perfect personal chill machine. You can set it up on a table or just let it sit on the floor – of which you’ll have a lot of it to sit on.

Take a break! Enjoy it for only 19.99

Alpo Prime Cut 47-lb. Dry Dog FoodAlpoPrimeCuts

Just when you thought it was time to Catch Some Z’s, or Catch up on Game of Thrones – to each his/her own – you forgot about Scruffy.

The dog has always been a team player, but it does need to eat. Treat it to a victory feast like it deserves.

“We made it!”

With that endless checklist flowing through your head, it can be easy to forget the little things. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel rushed, just be prepared beforehand and grab a Bag for Man’s Best Friend for only 19.99.

He’ll still love you, just more this way. Good boy, Scruffy.

Good Job You for the Great Move!


True Value Bargains of the Month – July 2016

Today we come back to an old tradition of our monthly announcements of sorts. All it took was telling someone else to do it! We apologize for sorrowed hearts, but we know our cult following needed that cliffhanger to keep the passion growing, but I digress.

As we go into our Nation’s birthday days from now, we have a lot to be thankful for: grilling out, a good game of catch, or even just the possibility that humidity will be below 99% here in North Georgia.

July bargains of the monthThey’re all blessings in their own way, but even then we can get pulled back to reality when things start breaking, which we all know happens in a giant wave of displeasure. The Car, the A/C, the Remote, even Grandpa’s Old Recliner!

When that happens, you have Howard Brothers around to help you out of the rut. We carry the tools and supplies necessary that you often just won’t find anywhere else. Plus, we got them on sale! Check it out:


DeWalt 34-Piece socket SetDewalt 34-Pc. Standard and Metric Socket Set

First up on the list is the Dewalt Socket Set. Let’s face it, we all need one. With all of the tiny screws and miscellaneous tidbits manufacturers put on their cars, we need all the help we can get.

From removing all of the unnecessary decorative plastic to taking off that last Alternator screw, this small, organized tool set will produce. It doesn’t even stop there when you start getting into the nitty gritty of other household duties, but I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

Be prepared. Grab one in your nearest Howard Brothers Hardware Section for only 29.99.

Rayovac AA or AAA Alkaline BatteriesRayovacBatteries

Next we have some Rayovac Batteries. AA’s and AAA’s seem to always be the elusive type when you need them; either you left them only God knows where in the laundry room or someone (obviously not you) forgot to buy some last time you ran out.

We do have the choice between AA and AAA, but the elusive mystery of the existence of an ‘A’ Battery will always haunt us.

Grab a pack or two to keep the supply going for only 4.99 a piece, either size.

FiltreteFilterAllergen Defense Air Filters

Have you ever worked with someone that will never stop sneezing next to you? You try to keep up with them, but it seems you’ll run out ‘Bless you’s without Holy intervention. With our A/C’s on full blast all of July, the airflow is always a factor.

With our 3M Filtrete systems you can cut down on the snotty blues and get on with your work. They come in a variety of sizes to make sure they – wait for it – FIT your needs.

Pun intended.

Grab one in your nearest Howard Brothers Hardware Store for just 8.49.

Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil Qt.Pennzoil Conventional

We all know the power of regular preventative maintenance, even if we don’t always keep to it 100%. Sometimes we can really forget how much a 20-minute oil change (if that) can save us from a costly weekend project.

With those older cars and trucks we drive, the conventional stuff just works better. Like our human elders, they sometimes like to spring leaks. Slowing things down just a little makes a big difference.

Keep that Silverado (Sorry Ford fans, not sorry Dodge fans) running to 300,000 and then some for only 2.99 a quart.

Like I saw on a bumper sticker one time, “I’d rather push my Volvo than drive a Prius”.

SwifferWetJetSwiffer WetJet Mop Starter Kit

After it’s all said and done, you have that car battery charging again, the yard mowed, and you’re about sit down with that aluminum can of sweet victory… Then you realized you messed up.

You look down to see those 7-year-old Nike’s covered in who knows what, and you just dragged that who knows what all over the entire house. The tracks lead to only one place, your doom.

Thinking quick, you realize that Howard Brothers has their Swiffer WetJet on sale for only 19.99! Hop in that newly repaired vehicle and make your way over, before it’s too late.

2-Speed Chillout Tower FanChilloutTowerFan

After it’s *actually* all said and done, you really need to – wait for it – CHILL OUT.

I’ll be here all summer, folks!

We have on sale the ever wonderful Personal Tower Fan to remind you of what it’s not like to be in Georgia weather: cool, controlled, and with just the perfect breeze.

You’ve done good, now it’s time to let your sweaty, greasy hair know the same satisfaction, especially with the low price of only 12.99.

True Value Bargains of the Month – April 2016

It’s been a few months since we’ve featured some of the True Value Bargains of the Month. It’s been a busy 2016 thus far! We’ve changed computer systems on our Power Equipment side of the business in February. That was like open heart surgery when you realize that we were on the other system for 15+ years. We Opened a new store in Athens, Georgia, and we’ve launched a new website.

It’s been a little crazy.

But if you’re the one person who has wondered where the bargains of the month mentions went… here they are!

Remember that these bargains are available while supplies last at our True Value Hardware Stores in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood.

Miracle-Gro 1.5-Cu.-Ft. Moisture Control® Garden Soil

Miracle-Gro 1.5-Cu.-Ft. Moisture Control® Garden SoilStarting to work on your flower beds? Your garden soil will directly impact the quality of your fruits/vegetables and flowers.

No telling what the weather will do this summer. It may be a cool summer which will be great for growing, but regardless this soil will help retain moisture better than just plain potting soil. Mix some in for better resultes.

Grab a 1.5 cubic foot of Miracle Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil for $4.99 (if you’re a True Value rewards member… you’ll get a $1 off instantly. Ask us how to join for Free)


2-Cu.-Ft Colored MulchGreenThumb 2-Cu.-Ft. Colored Mulch

This is one of the best Bargains of the Month that we have year round. There have actually been years where True Value didn’t offer this bargain and we ran with it on our own.

Whether you like Black, Brown or Red Mulch in your flowerbeds or islands, we’ve got you covered. Grab 3 bags for $9.99. This is while supplies last

Preen 5-Lb. Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer or 5.625-Lb. Garden Weed PreventerPreen 5-Lb. Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer or 5.625-Lb. Garden Weed Preventer

While you’re working on your flower beds and islands, you will probably be pulling weeds and cursing them at the same time. Perhaps some preventative measures are in order. Use some Preen Weed Preventer and your flowers/fruit/vegetables will be safe… and weeds will no longer be a problem (or not as big of a problem.)

Grab a 5lb bottle of Preen Weed Preventer for $9.99

Ortho 32-Oz. Weed B Gon® Concentrate Lawn Weed Killer

Ortho Weed B Gon Lawn Weed Killer, Concentrate, 32-oz.Don’t just attend to your flower beds… give your grass some love too. If your lawn has weeds popping up because you’ve not planned and used pre-emergents, you could spray some Weed B Gon from Ortho.

32oz concentrate is on sale for $6.99 ($3.99 for True Value Rewards Members) kills weeds not lawns, results in 1 hour, kills weeds down to the root, kills dandelions clovers & 250+ other weeds.

  • Kills Weeds not lawns.
  • Results in 1 hour.
  • Kills weeds down to the root.
  • Kills dandelions clovers and 250+ other weeds.

Four Seasons Courtyard 6-Pk. Solar Path Light

Four Seasons Courtyard 6-Pk. Solar Path LightOnce everything is looking pretty, you’ll want to show it off. Don’t allow loss of light to be a factor in taking guests out to show them your weedless lawn and flower beds.

Grab a 6 pack of solar path lights for $29.99.

They come in bronze or stainless steel.

Pet Expert 50-Lb. Dry Dog Food

Pet Expert 50 lb. dog food. Meat flavored, formulated to be the best everyday balanced maintenance dog food for small, medium, & large breeds, meets the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages of the dog. 21% protein & 8% fat.And now for something completely different.

Grab a 50lb bag of Pet Expert 50 lb. dog food. Meat flavored, formulated to be the best everyday balanced maintenance dog food for small, medium, & large breeds, meets the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages of the dog. 21% protein & 8% fat.

This Bargain of the Month often does well. Grab a 50lb bag for $16.99

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.37.37 AM

True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2015 – Part 2

Whoa! I was fooled again by the corporate overseers at True Value. I thought we had 1 group of three Bargains of the Month for September… but it seems that I was wrong. There are THREE other items. These also have nothing to do with the other. AND THEY DON’T END IN ‘ER!

In defense, these are supposed to be on sale during labor day weekend and after… but we’re pulling them out now. You have all month to get these items at the sale prices.

Let’s see them.

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True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2015

For September, 2015, there are three True Value Bargains of the Month. I tried to figure out a creative way to present these in a manner that would tie them together, but I think someone at True Value Corporate is on to my game and decided to pick three really obscure items that REALLY have nothing to do with each other.

Fertilizer, Freshener, and Ladder. See I even tried to figure out a synonym for ladder that started with an F. I guess someone decided that we could make these the “-er” items.

Let’s look at them:

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True Value Bargains of the Month – August 2015

Shhh. Do you hear that sound. That sound of rejoicing? If you listen really closely… you can also hear the sound of sobbing and sadness. It is the sound of children everywhere mourning that summer is over and school is back in session.

And the cheering you’re hearing is the sounds of parents glad that their children are going back to school.

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July 2015 Bargains of the Month

It’s July and it’s hot as blazes…and it’s about to get even hotter with True Value’s July Bargains of the Month.  In addition to celebrating America’s Independence this month, you will also be celebrating in your pocket due to the money you’ll be saving with this month’s bargains. Hot off the press, these deals are on fire, so check ‘em out!

50-Ft 16/2 Orange Extension Cord50-Ft 16/2 Orange Extension Cord

Indoor, outdoor, whatever you fancy, this versatile extension cord has lighted ends to see the connection is in use (it’s also in a fashionably orange color so you won’t miss it laying in the yard or in the garage).

Used for power equipment, holiday lights (outside) around the house and more, you’re sure to have enough length to reach whatever it is your trying to use it for. You’ll be taking a cold shower after purchasing this hot deal because it’s just $9.97!

Product details:

  • Brand: Master Electric
  • 50ft
  • Color: Orange
  • Lighted Ends
  • Locking Connector & Plugs

27-inch 3-Speed Oscillating Tower Fan27-inch 3-Speed Oscillating Tower Fan

Summer heat got you hot and bothered?  This fan will cool you down, with its oscillation (for even air distribution) and a nice slim-fit that can be easily placed anywhere.  Better strike while the iron is hot because this deal will only last through the month of July, for only $19.99 (33% off!).

Product details:

  • Brand: Westpointe
  • 27”
  • 3 Speeds
  • Color: Black
  • Lighted Ends
  • Locking Connector & Plugs

6-Roll Print Paper Towels or 12-Pk Bath Tissue

6-Roll Print Paper Towels or 12-Pk Bath Tissue

It’s hotter than the devil’s behind, and speaking of behind, check out my favorite Bargain of the Month, TP.  Blowing’ up the toilet like blowing up fireworks for the 4th, we all need TP, so why not capitalize on this red hot deal, $4.99 for a 12 pack.  Oh, or you can choose a 6 pack of paper towels.

Product details:

  • Paper (that’s about it)

Buy all 3 of July’s Bargain of the Month deals and you won’t find yourself in a jam sitting on the toilet without any TP, sweating, because your fan doesn’t reach the bathroom!