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True Value Bargains of the Month – April 2016

It’s been a few months since we’ve featured some of the True Value Bargains of the Month. It’s been a busy 2016 thus far! We’ve changed computer systems on our Power Equipment side of the business in February. That was like open heart surgery when you realize that we were on the other system for 15+ years. We Opened a new store in Athens, Georgia, and we’ve launched a new website.

It’s been a little crazy.

But if you’re the one person who has wondered where the bargains of the month mentions went… here they are!

Remember that these bargains are available while supplies last at our True Value Hardware Stores in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood.

Miracle-Gro 1.5-Cu.-Ft. Moisture Control® Garden Soil

Miracle-Gro 1.5-Cu.-Ft. Moisture Control® Garden SoilStarting to work on your flower beds? Your garden soil will directly impact the quality of your fruits/vegetables and flowers.

No telling what the weather will do this summer. It may be a cool summer which will be great for growing, but regardless this soil will help retain moisture better than just plain potting soil. Mix some in for better resultes.

Grab a 1.5 cubic foot of Miracle Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil for $4.99 (if you’re a True Value rewards member… you’ll get a $1 off instantly. Ask us how to join for Free)


2-Cu.-Ft Colored MulchGreenThumb 2-Cu.-Ft. Colored Mulch

This is one of the best Bargains of the Month that we have year round. There have actually been years where True Value didn’t offer this bargain and we ran with it on our own.

Whether you like Black, Brown or Red Mulch in your flowerbeds or islands, we’ve got you covered. Grab 3 bags for $9.99. This is while supplies last

Preen 5-Lb. Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer or 5.625-Lb. Garden Weed PreventerPreen 5-Lb. Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer or 5.625-Lb. Garden Weed Preventer

While you’re working on your flower beds and islands, you will probably be pulling weeds and cursing them at the same time. Perhaps some preventative measures are in order. Use some Preen Weed Preventer and your flowers/fruit/vegetables will be safe… and weeds will no longer be a problem (or not as big of a problem.)

Grab a 5lb bottle of Preen Weed Preventer for $9.99

Ortho 32-Oz. Weed B Gon® Concentrate Lawn Weed Killer

Ortho Weed B Gon Lawn Weed Killer, Concentrate, 32-oz.Don’t just attend to your flower beds… give your grass some love too. If your lawn has weeds popping up because you’ve not planned and used pre-emergents, you could spray some Weed B Gon from Ortho.

32oz concentrate is on sale for $6.99 ($3.99 for True Value Rewards Members) kills weeds not lawns, results in 1 hour, kills weeds down to the root, kills dandelions clovers & 250+ other weeds.

  • Kills Weeds not lawns.
  • Results in 1 hour.
  • Kills weeds down to the root.
  • Kills dandelions clovers and 250+ other weeds.

Four Seasons Courtyard 6-Pk. Solar Path Light

Four Seasons Courtyard 6-Pk. Solar Path LightOnce everything is looking pretty, you’ll want to show it off. Don’t allow loss of light to be a factor in taking guests out to show them your weedless lawn and flower beds.

Grab a 6 pack of solar path lights for $29.99.

They come in bronze or stainless steel.

Pet Expert 50-Lb. Dry Dog Food

Pet Expert 50 lb. dog food. Meat flavored, formulated to be the best everyday balanced maintenance dog food for small, medium, & large breeds, meets the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages of the dog. 21% protein & 8% fat.And now for something completely different.

Grab a 50lb bag of Pet Expert 50 lb. dog food. Meat flavored, formulated to be the best everyday balanced maintenance dog food for small, medium, & large breeds, meets the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages of the dog. 21% protein & 8% fat.

This Bargain of the Month often does well. Grab a 50lb bag for $16.99

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.37.37 AM

True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2015 – Part 2

Whoa! I was fooled again by the corporate overseers at True Value. I thought we had 1 group of three Bargains of the Month for September… but it seems that I was wrong. There are THREE other items. These also have nothing to do with the other. AND THEY DON’T END IN ‘ER!

In defense, these are supposed to be on sale during labor day weekend and after… but we’re pulling them out now. You have all month to get these items at the sale prices.

Let’s see them.

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True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2015

For September, 2015, there are three True Value Bargains of the Month. I tried to figure out a creative way to present these in a manner that would tie them together, but I think someone at True Value Corporate is on to my game and decided to pick three really obscure items that REALLY have nothing to do with each other.

Fertilizer, Freshener, and Ladder. See I even tried to figure out a synonym for ladder that started with an F. I guess someone decided that we could make these the “-er” items.

Let’s look at them:

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True Value Bargains of the Month – August 2015

Shhh. Do you hear that sound. That sound of rejoicing? If you listen really closely… you can also hear the sound of sobbing and sadness. It is the sound of children everywhere mourning that summer is over and school is back in session.

And the cheering you’re hearing is the sounds of parents glad that their children are going back to school.

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July 2015 Bargains of the Month

It’s July and it’s hot as blazes…and it’s about to get even hotter with True Value’s July Bargains of the Month.  In addition to celebrating America’s Independence this month, you will also be celebrating in your pocket due to the money you’ll be saving with this month’s bargains. Hot off the press, these deals are on fire, so check ‘em out!

50-Ft 16/2 Orange Extension Cord50-Ft 16/2 Orange Extension Cord

Indoor, outdoor, whatever you fancy, this versatile extension cord has lighted ends to see the connection is in use (it’s also in a fashionably orange color so you won’t miss it laying in the yard or in the garage).

Used for power equipment, holiday lights (outside) around the house and more, you’re sure to have enough length to reach whatever it is your trying to use it for. You’ll be taking a cold shower after purchasing this hot deal because it’s just $9.97!

Product details:

  • Brand: Master Electric
  • 50ft
  • Color: Orange
  • Lighted Ends
  • Locking Connector & Plugs

27-inch 3-Speed Oscillating Tower Fan27-inch 3-Speed Oscillating Tower Fan

Summer heat got you hot and bothered?  This fan will cool you down, with its oscillation (for even air distribution) and a nice slim-fit that can be easily placed anywhere.  Better strike while the iron is hot because this deal will only last through the month of July, for only $19.99 (33% off!).

Product details:

  • Brand: Westpointe
  • 27”
  • 3 Speeds
  • Color: Black
  • Lighted Ends
  • Locking Connector & Plugs

6-Roll Print Paper Towels or 12-Pk Bath Tissue

6-Roll Print Paper Towels or 12-Pk Bath Tissue

It’s hotter than the devil’s behind, and speaking of behind, check out my favorite Bargain of the Month, TP.  Blowing’ up the toilet like blowing up fireworks for the 4th, we all need TP, so why not capitalize on this red hot deal, $4.99 for a 12 pack.  Oh, or you can choose a 6 pack of paper towels.

Product details:

  • Paper (that’s about it)

Buy all 3 of July’s Bargain of the Month deals and you won’t find yourself in a jam sitting on the toilet without any TP, sweating, because your fan doesn’t reach the bathroom!

May 2015 True Value Bargains of the Month

May May May. It is already May.

1/3 of the year has already passed by. We’ve had a great spring. Lots of water and enough sun, or is that enough water and lots of sun. Cooler weather. Looks like it is going to be a fantastic summer in Atlanta.

Let’s check out these 6 bargains of the month. That’s right… another 6 this month!

lopperTelescoping Handle Bypass Lopper or Hedge Shear

The first bargain is relevant for those of you who are wanting to do some clean up in the yard. You can choose either bypass loppers or hedge sheers. That’s Right! You can get 1 or the other… OR BOTH! For $17.99 you can choose between Telescoping Bypass Loppers or Telescoping Hedge Sheers.

Telescoping. Let’s talk about that word. Telescope is an optical instrument designed to make distant objects appear nearer, containing an arrangement of lenses, or of curved mirrors and lenses, by which rays of light are collected and focused and the resulting image magnified.

That’s it! You can get 1 or the other… OR BOTH!For $17.99 you can choose between Telescoping Bypass Loppers or Telescoping Hedge Sheers.

Wait a minute. That’s the noun version. I don’t think that is what Fiskars is trying to promote with their bypass loppers and hedge shears. I think they are trying to use the verb form of the word “telescope” – (with reference to an object made of concentric tubular parts) slide or cause to slide into itself, so that it becomes smaller.

charcoalKingsford Charcoal Briquettes, 16.7-Lbs., 2-Pk.

You’ve been working in the yard. Cutting the dead limbs with your lopper or managing that unruly hedge with your new tools. Your stomach growls. You’re hungry. If only you had started something on the grill.

Go oldschool with the Kingsford Charcoal Bargain of the Month. 2 bags of 16.7lb – Wait… WHY IS IT 16.7LBS!? Who in the Kingsford marketing department decided, “you know what we need 16.7lb bags… and let’s BUNDLE them as 2pks.

Alas, Thats what you got. 2 bags of charcoal for $12.99. Buy some. Now.

bbq-setGrill Zone BBQ Tool Set, Wood & Stainless Steel, 3-Pc.

And no grilling is possible without some BBQ tools to cook the food with. With this deal from Grill zone, you’ll get 3 pieces: a 4 in 1 spatula, tongs & basting brush. This set is wood and stainless steel.

For $9.99. This is a fantastic deal that you could get for yourself or as gifts for others. Think about all those summer weddings you’ll be going to and get your friends some BBQ tools.

155815New Orleans Hanging Basket, Black Wrought Iron, 12-In.

Our next bargain is a hanging basket for $14.99. This thing is twelve inches across. That’s a whole foot! You might not believe the excitement that w have with this. Also, this thing is obviously direct from NEW ORLEANS! and it is wrought iron! It is like you are hanging baskets, why wouldn’t you want a New Orleans version if it. It is so great, that I need to blow the picture up so that you can see the whole thing!

And did I mention that it is on sale for $14.99!

miraclegroMiracle Gro Plant Food, Water-Soluble, 24-8-16 Formula, 4-Lbs.

Miracle Gro, 4 LB, 24-8-16, Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food, Instantly Feeds Flowers, Vegetables, Trees, Shrubs & Houseplants, Double Feeding Action, Feeds Through Both The Roots & The Leaves, Safe For Your Plants, Guaranteed Not To Burn When Used As Directed, Starts To Work Instantly, Promotes Quick, Beautiful Results.

This box is on sale for $8.99 BUT… there’s a $2 mail in rebate also. Send it in and get $2 bucks back. Or don’t and still get a good deal.

4.75-Gallon Driveway Filler/Sealer

782542The final Bargain for May is Drive Seal. It is 4.75 gallons of filler and sealer for just $12.99. Now I don’t want to judge how you have been living your life, but if you need any more sealer than that for your driveway, it is time to reevaluate your life. But in the meantime we have your Drive Sealer here for a bargain.


True Value Bargains of the Month – March 2015

True Value Bargain of the month - Trash Can

32 Gallon Wheeled “Refuse” Can

The 32 Gallon Wheeled Refuse Can for $13.99 may be the greatest deal we’ve ever offered. I checked that price twice just to be sure. I think the raw materials in the plastic it’s made from is worth $13.99! That’s a lot of volume for that price.

You know, it has always kind of bothered me that refuse cans are measured in gallons. I don’t like that mental picture and don’t want to know what you are throwing away that requires 32 gallons! It can be wheeled to the curb or around the yard to keep from hauling yard waste by hand. I saw one guy use one of these as a cooler full of ice, but I’m not telling you how to live your life. At this price, I’m tempted to buy them for everyone in the neighborhood just to see how they all react.


True Value Bargain of the Month - Fertilizer17lb Premium Crabgrass Preventer

The 17 pound Premium Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Fertilizer for $13.99 is the perfect bargain for the perfect price in March. This could be the year you start off your lawn care the right way. Go for green and healthy while knocking out the crabgrass before it owns your yard and surrounds your house like some low budget horror movie.

Crab grass is a monster we can destroy together. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy lawn all spring and summer with this perfect March Bargain of the Month.

Get on a healthy grass program now!


True Value Bargain of the Month - Bird SeedBlack Oil Sunflower Seed or Birders’ Blend Feed

You get your pick for this bargain at $9.99. Everyone knows $9.99 is a great price for anything ever! Just think about all the things in the world that have ever been sold for the low, low price of $9.99.

In this case you can pick from 20 pound Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed or 16 pound Birders’ Blend Bird Feed. I love the bird seed Bargain of the Month deals just for the names alone.“Birder’s Blend” sounds like you are super serious about feeding birds.

Show the birds you really mean it with these deals.These products make it sound like the birds may be eating healthier than I am. If you start feeding them these blends now, you’ll get to enjoy seeing them in your yard as they shun your neighbors and their ordinary bird seed.

If things get tense because the birds love you best and your yard is crabgrass free, that’s when you pull out the 32 gallon refuse can gifts to smooth things over. Keep one back for yourself to fill with ice when they throw you a party.




True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2014

It is September. In fact, to be more specific, it is September 2nd. I’m late posting this because of Labor Day yesterday. I find it ironic that on this date in 1789, the United States Department of the Treasury was established. I wonder if there is any relation to the fact that day was yesterday. I mean, I guess that Labor day is actually the first Monday in September, but I wonder if it was established in any way connected to the fact that the treasury department gets a big take of our labor…. On more serious notes, on 9/2/45 Japan surrendered in World War II (V-J Day)

Also in September is National Chicken Month.

And National Rice Month.

And National Potato Month.

Sounds like someone needs to come up with a recipe for the Big Green Egg that includes these three ingredients.

Well, the new month also means that we have a new group of items that are on sale from True Value. Here are the Bargains of the month!


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