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Father’s Day was this past weekend. Did you do anything special to honor Dad? Let us know in the comments below and you might win a gift card.

Most people who are introduced to Howard Brothers are actually suprised to hear that there are two actual Howards… who are brothers. We actually are family owned and they still are a MAJOR part of our day to day business. But a lot of people don’t know the full history of Howard Brothers. It began with John and Doug’s Dad… Ed.

Most of Howard Brothers employees’ have great memories of Ed Howard around the stores. Recently, I took a few minutes to video John and Doug Howard about the history of Howard Brothers. From Gas Station to Grocery Store to Hardware Store to Power Equipment Dealer to Multiple Locations… there are a lot of memories that we have. The values and work ethic which were exemplified in Ed were definitely transferred to John and Doug, but then have also been taught to many of Howard’s employees who have been with the company 10, 20, even 30+ years.

It’s a really long video (I really do need to chop this up more), but there are lots of powerful thoughts around growth, change, values, family, customer service, past, present and future.

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!

John and Doug Howard


This past Saturday was our 2nd Annual (I guess I can actually call it annual now because it WAS the 2nd) Pinebox Derby Grand Prix. It was a fantastic day. We had learned so much after our first event last year, and this year contained even more learning. We’re really excited about the longterm possibilities of this event, and ALREADY know when we’re doing it next year.

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Summertime is in full swing, and everything is continually growing and in bloom (that’s why you’re still sneezing and coughing), which means that even though the afternoon thunderstorms are brewing, the rain doesn’t completely wash away the dust and dirt left behind from yard clippings, grass pollens and the like.

If you’re hurting after a day of working outside… chances are your lawn mower is hurting too. Let this be a good reminder that it is a great time to think about the power equipment you use, and check up on your equipment to make sure they’re running at optimum performance.

DSC_0055Lawn Mower Tune-up In the Summer

Lawn Mower: Whether gas or electric, your lawn mower could probably use a tune-up for the summer season.

  • Check/change the oil – Lube it up! Don’t allow your engine to fail because you neglected oil.
  • Sharpen blades – Did you know that dull blades not only effect your grass, but can cause strain on your mower?
  • Change the spark plug – The last think you want to do is worry about your mower starting when you’d rather be sitting at the pool vs cutting grass.
  • Check and replace the air filter to avoid added stress on the mower
  • Clean out undercarriage to free it of debris – Such a simple thing you should be doing each time you use your mower. Protect your investment.
  • Drain the gas (if applicable) – Never allow gas to sit more than 2 or 3 weeks in equipment between uses. Fuel will go bad and wreak havoc on your fuel line, carburetor, and other parts.

Tune up those Trimmers and Edgers during Summer Too!

Trimmers/Edgers:  Used to keep your yard looking polished, trimmers and edgers are just as important to maintain.  Using the same tune-up list as the lawn mower, here are some more tips:

  • Have extra spare line and blades on hand and replace if needed – You know the frustration that will happen if you run out.
  • Lubricate moving parts for smoother operation

Blowers aren’t just for Fall. Keep them Maintained in the Summer Too!

Leaf Blowers: The convenient and fastest way to move yard debris, leaf blowers are the efficient way to clean up your yard or driveway.

  • Fresh Gas. Fresh Gas. Fresh Gas.
  • Clean the blades and carburetor
  • Check connections
  • Change spark plug
  • Check fuel filter and fuel line

Protect your Small Engine and Power Equipment Investments

Never neglect your equipment.  Simple maintenance routines to your small engine yard equipment will prolong the life of them, prevent any damage, and allow you to protect your investment, while allowing you to breath easier.

Howard Brothers can help you with simple small engine yard equipment maintenance.  Visit or call any of our four Atlanta area locations.

  • Alpharetta: 770-754-4114
  • Doraville: 770-449-5940
  • Duluth: 770-476-3006
  • Oakwood: 678-450-0500

Our commercial landscape customers know that our Gear Up sale offers the best prices of the year for them to get ready for spring. They are getting their older equipment serviced and ready for heavy use and they are purchasing new equipment that will help them keep and even grow their businesses. This Gear Up event typically happens in early February regardless of weather. There could be snow and ice on the ground, but Atlanta and North Georgia Landscapers are getting their equipment ready for spring!

But let’s face it, most homeowners just don’t plan this far ahead.

Even now, folks are cutting their grass for the first time in 2015 (and it looks like this weekend could be wet which will delay that even further.) It is definitely time for EVERYONE to get ready for spring! Spring is here. It has sprung. The back and forth of Rain and Sun makes it look like this year will be a GREAT year for lawns in Georgia.

So… it’s time that homeowners join the party this spring and get those projects that they’ve been procrastinating started.

Our April Sales Event is next week and on Saturday, April 25 we plan to have a party for everyone just like we had for our commercial customers on March 4 for Gear Up.

Here are a few exciting things that will be happening during the Kick Off Sale

Big Green Egg Demo Days

At both our Duluth and Oakwood store, we’ll be cooking out on the grills. There will be tons of food. At Duluth, Big Green Egg will be onsite with their team to give a taste of all kinds of food and at Oakwood, Steven Hartsock of Socks Love Rub will bring his love of food.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.31.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.31.22 PM

We’ve got the best price on a Big Green Egg package in Atlanta, but on Saturday, April 25th only, we’re going to have a starter package that will beat even that price. (Can’t advertise it… you’re just gonna have to trust us.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.36.17 PMBonnie Plants

At both stores, all Bonnie Plants will be Buy One Get One Free. Purchase any Bonnie Plant bio pot or retail pack and get another free. Limit 3 free items per customer and it will be while supplies last. This deal ONLY on Saturday, April 25.


Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.40.44 PMCabot Stain

If you’ve been waiting to take care of your deck or exterior wood project, you gotta try out our Cabot Stain Sale. Now through 4/30/15, you can buy 3 gallons and get a gallon free of any Cabot Stain product. Whether it be solid color decking stain, semi transparent, or maybe the Australian Timber Oil. Buy 3. Get 1 Free. Huge deal if you have that project on your todo list.


Benjamin Moore Paint

At our Oakwood store, we’re offering the same deal as the Cabot stain deal on any Benjamin Moore paint. It doesn’t matter if you have need for interior or exterior Benjamin Moore paint, or if you want to try some of their exterior products. Buy 3 gallons and get 1 free.

Power Equipment

Whether you need a zero turn riding mower or push mower or a lawn tractor, we can help you. Is it time to get a new edger or string trimmer. We can help you. Our power equipment sales team will be ready and excited to help answer questions and fit the best product to your particular need.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.20.46 PMMany more deals

No matter what your project is, Your reward is worth the effort.

Check out the full circular that should be hitting households this week. Click on the images below to see the full circular for your closest Howard Brothers store.   We actually created an Oakwood version (since they are now a huge Benjamin Moore Dealer for Hall County and the Gainesville area) and a Duluth/Gwinnett County Version.


Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.27.15 PM

Oakwood Version

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.16.30 PM

Duluth Version













We look forward to seeing you in our stores. Bring your projects and questions and we will do everything we can to help you succeed with your projects



You’ll have the

Last year,  Howard Brothers held the 1st annual Pinebox Derby Grand Prix at our Duluth store. We were raising money for CURE Childhood Cancer. The turn out for the event was incredible. We really did not know what to expect, but we were overwhelmed by the response. First of all, we had a FULL store and had the opportunity to share a little bit about why we decided to do this race in the first place. Continue Reading…

Here’s a throwback Thursday for you. A couple years ago Chopper from the Gwinnett Braves stopped by our area at the Duluth Fall Festival in Man’s Corner. We were having a Makita Power Tool Triathlon, and he wanted to participate.

The goal was to do three specific tasks with Makita tools as fast as possible. You had to sand a chalk line off a board using a palm sander, drive two lag bolts using an impact drill, and last, switch to a cordless drill and drill some 1″ holes with an auger bit.

Chopper surpised us that he was able to swap the batteries out as fast as he did.

The Atlanta Braves are off to a surprising start after sweeping the Marlins, and the Gwinnett Braves start tonight. Go Braves!

Chopper Gwinnett Braves - Makita Power Tool Triathlon Duluth Fall Festival



Oh no. I just realized that we left off 3 of the True Value Bargains of the Month from our post from yesterday. Apparently, True Value decided to throw a curveball this month (see that baseball analogy I just threw in there) and double the items that are special bargain of the month items this month.

Check out the post from yesterday if you happened upon this post without having any idea what I am talking about.

Here are the forgotten three.

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STIHL Manscaping

Andy Darnell —  — 33 Comments


Note that this original post was a STIHL April Fools Prank. Although, we should petition them to make some of these. It is amazing how many requests we’ve received from folks asking price and availability to ship.


This is pretty awesome. Creativity at it’s finest.

STIHL Manscaping

STIHL Manscaping