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Creative STIHL ad from New Zealand

I love this ad from STIHL that came out a few years ago in New Zealand.

And they even followed it up with this. I’m sure that there are some North Georgia Brothers who have had similar situations like this happen to them. There’s a lot of competitive nature in the North Georgia and Atlanta area!

What do you think? Think this would fly over here in the United States?

Creative STIHL ad from New Zealand

Creative STIHL ad from New Zealand

Suncast Outdoor Storage On Sale

Did you know that you can order thousands of items from True Value Hardware and have them shipped to your closest store? On a weekly basis we have between 2 and 5 people who are taking advantage of this service and are coming to either our Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood stores to pick up everything from outdoor lawn chairs to power tools to chemicals. You can shop 24/7 from anywhere at, pay for your purchase online. Once your order hits our dock, you’ll receive a notification that it is ready to be picked up. We get weekly orders from True Value on Friday mornings, so if you have a need for the weekend, as long as you get the order placed by Wednesday, you can pick it up that week!

This program has been great, but it is about to get better!

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lead free plumbing

It seems like every day that we get closer to the end of the year, we hear questions from customers about the lead free legislation that will effect our plumbing departments at each of our stores. It definitely has caused us to monitor our inventory levels better as we have been reducing stock of non compliant products.

What in the world am I talking about? Let me explain.

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Head’s up… Howard Brothers will closed on Labor Day (Monday, September, 2)

A lot of retail stores will be gearing up for labor day sales, and while we will be recognizing the National True Value Labor Day sale that weekend prior, we felt that it would be best to give our incredible employees an extra day off to spend with their families and relax. Our busiest time of year is Summer, and we’ve had a VERY busy 2013 summer. This is a way to reward our company as a whole.

That being said, if you’re planning on doing a cookout or get a little bit of work completed around the house that day, you are gonna need to come by early.

  • Don’t let your Big Green Egg charcoal or Traeger wood pellets run out.
  • Don’t let your propane tank go empty.
  • Don’t run out of Socks Love Rub
  • Don’t run out of 2-cycle mix for your trimmer or edger
  • Don’t put off that blower purchase… expecting to do it on Labor Day
We’ll be back at it on September 3th providing the service that you expect from us.
New Fastener Section at Howard Brothers Doraville

The year was 1985. We tore down walls and built onto the hardware store in Doraville. We added nearly 5400 square feet to the building and moved the fasteners to the area that everyone refers to as “the bolt room.” That back left corner of the store has seen some change over 25 years (we did change from the bulk bins but for the most part it remained the same.

Howard Brothers Doraville Expansion 1985

Howard Brothers Doraville Expansion 1985

Webster Stringer and Craig Huckaby

Webster Stringer and Craig Huckaby at Howard Brothers Doraville – 1985

The old bolt room was something you just had to experience. The aisles were tight. The lighting wasn’t all that great. The cabinets and boxes were stacked to the ceiling… but if it was a fastener… we had it. We could help you find it.


Old Howard Brothers Doraville Bolt Room - Aisle 1

Old Howard Brothers Doraville Bolt Room – Aisle 1

Old Howard Brothers Doraville Bolt Room - Aisle 2

Old Howard Brothers Doraville Bolt Room – Aisle 2

We’re constantly trying to make our stores better for our customers and included in that is the occasional reset.

This is not your typical reset!

We knew that we wanted to completely relocate the section since it is a huge destination for fasteners in the Doraville and Tucker area. We needed to expand it and frankly, we were out of space.

Relocating the fasteners to another section of the store has required months of preparation. Ultimately, we had to have real estate to move it. This meant clearing out about 144 linear feet of product!


Photo Aug 16, 7 55 37 AM


Then the manual labor of moving bolt cabinets can begin.

New Fastener Section at Howard Brothers Doraville

New Fastener Section at Howard Brothers Doraville

New Fastener Section at Howard Brothers Doraville

New Fastener Section at Howard Brothers Doraville

New Fastener Section at Howard Brothers Doraville

New Fastener Section at Howard Brothers Doraville

With the new space, we’re going to be able to get similar products closer to each other. It just makes sense.

Are we done? No! There’s still a lot to do, but WOW what a difference. We still have the same about of fasteners as we always had, but we’re gonna be able to grow our fasteners even more. We easily have the best bolt/nut/fastener department in Atlanta. (Although it is a toss up whether or not our Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood stores are the best)

We hope that you’ll come in and check out the new section in Doraville. We have the hard to find fasteners and if not, we’ll get it for you.

Give Doraville a call if you need something (770-449-1819) or come on in!

Oh yeah… don’t worry. There’s a plan for the old bolt room. We gotta use every square inch we can to display all the hardware products we sell!

Andy Darnell with Howard Brothers Demo NeverWet

We’ve been having a lot of fun with a new product that we’re selling in our hardware stores. You’ve probably seen the Rust-Oleum NeverWet commercials that are blitzing TV right now… but if you’re skeptical like us, you probably wondered if it really works as advertised.

We put together a very simple experiment and are convinced that it is! In fact, we’re already planning some new ways to test the product out. Check out this video that I created that simply shows off the water repelling qualities of NeverWet on a cinderblock.

Now the video quality isn’t that great… but the product really is incredible. You gotta see it up close to really realize how amazing it is.

Check out this video about some other products and surfaces that you could use NeverWet on.

Of course you’re probably not gonna use this on your iPhone, and it may not last forever, but think of the possibilities that you can use this on.

What would you like to try it out on?