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True Value Bargains of the Month – February 2014

Are you still in shock from the Ice Jam that happened last week? Still in shock from the way the Seahawks beat up on Payton Manning and the Broncos last night? Are you still wondering if what General Beauregard Lee, the Famous Atlantan Groundhog, saw (or didn’t see) means anything. Will we see an early spring?

One thing is constant. The calendar is always in motion. It is February 2014 already. That means our endcaps have been refreshed with new featured products and THAT means we have new Bargain of the Month items from True Value.

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The Great American Motorcycle Show – 20th Anniversary

Since 1992, The Great American Motorcycle Show has been the place to buy a new motorcycle and the accessories you need. Join us for Georgia’s BIGGEST indoor bike show! The show is full of new motorcycles brought to you by Georgia’s leading dealers. This is your chance to see what’s new in the market and talk to the pros.


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STIHL 365 = Win a STIHL a day in 2014

STIHL is celebrating 40 years of manufacturing in America! They are giving away $200 worth of STIHL equipment every day in 2014!

All you have to do is visit: http://www.stihlusa.com/365/ and fill out an quick and simple survey to be entered for the whole year. No purchase is necessary.

So don’t wait – Let’s see some Howard Brothers’ customers win some free STIHL equipment!

STIHL 365 Contest
STIHL 365 Contest

By the way… we talk a lot about the amazing design of STIHL products, but even their web designer is purposeful with the ‘captcha’ selection for the submission form. I love that they’re using keywords that are relevant to their product mix vs having random and meaningless phrases on their site! If you’re a geek like me, you’ll hit refresh and see that they used words such as ‘STIHL’, ‘TRIMMER’, ‘SAW’, and ‘BLOWER’


A Random Carhartt Meetup in Moscow, Russia

Doug Howard is in Moscow this week with his church and he just sent me this picture.

Carhartt Coat in Russia


Doug (left) met a missionary over there named Jeff (right) who was wearing a Carhartt jacket. It just so happens that Jeff bought that jacket at our Oakwood, Georgia store a few years ago when he was in Gainesville on furlough.

Gainesville, Georgia to Moscow, Russia is a little over 5300 miles by the way!

Totally random and totally cool.

By the way, Carhartt has been in business 125 years this year! That’s awesome. There will be some really cool things coming this year. We’re proud to be a Carhartt authorized dealer in Duluth and Oakwood. Serving Atlanta, North East Georgia… and the world!


Don’t Be Left in the Dark – What to Consider in a Portable Generator

Remember Snowmageddon 2011? The city of Atlanta was crippled for most of a week, because of the 6-12 inches of snow that we received. Ice became a major problem on roads for several days. I’m sure you, like me, were the target of many jokes from friends and family who live out of the state, because they could not believe that a major city like Atlanta couldn’t handle the elements.

Georgia Power crews (and crews from neighboring states) worked around the clock to get power back to areas of the city and north Georgia.  Sled and ice melt sales soared. After the storm passed, we even sold some snow blowers! It was crazy.

Since the power outages of Snowmageddon, however, one product has seen many residual sales. Generators.

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