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So you’ve looked at generators within the marketplace and realize that HONDA sells the best generators available. You get all the benefits of a Honda product, plus you get quiet, clean, and powerful… power.

Our Alpharetta store has a few models of Honda Generators that they are selling as demo units in preparation for the new year.

Demo Honda EU3000i Handi

Demo Honda EU3000i Handi

These units have been used around the store and have had very limited use at some outside events. They are eligible for financing and come with full manufacturers warranty.

The EU3000i Handi sells for $2599.95 (MSRP) but we’re selling this unit for $1770.00 as a demo unit.

There’s only 1 of these, so act fast!

Read the specifications:


  • 3000 watts, 120V
  • The lightest 3000-watt inverter generator we’ve ever made
  • Wheels and folding handle for true portability
  • Compact design
  • Offset handles for easier lifting
  • Super quiet
Engine Honda GX160
Displacement 163cc
AC Output 120V 3000W max.(25A) 2600W rated (21.7A)
Receptacles 20A 125V Duplex, 30A 125V Locking Plug
DC Output 12V, 100W (8A)
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.56 gal.
Run Time per Tankful 3.6 hrs. @ rated load, 7.7 hrs. @ 1/4 load
Dimensions (L x W x H) 24.5” x 14.9” x 19.3”
Noise Level 65 dB(A) @ rated load, 57 dB(A) @ 1/4 load
Dry Weight 78 lbs.
Residential Warranty 3 Years
Commercial Warranty 3 Years

Give us a call or email us if you are interested, but don’t delay.

Howard Brothers Alpharetta – 770-754-4114

In our hardware stores we are fairly confident that in most repair and home projects, we have what you need. We can help you navigate the aisles and get you in and out so that you’re back to your project with a gameplan to success. Occasionally, we get stumped, but not too often. We have people who didn’t just get their apron this morning. They’ve been in the trenches of hardware for many years and often have real world expert experience whether it be plumbing, lawn and garden, paint or electricity.

This time of year, we send people away who think we don’t know what we’re talking about… but we do. It is unbelievable how often it happens. Every year we get several people looking for an easy way to correct a simple problem.

Don’t try to buy an item like this. It is NOT available. You will end up having a live wire somewhere down the line. It is extremely dangerous.

No matter how frustrating it may be, DO NOT attempt to make this ‘adapter.’ Just turn the string of lights around.


It used to be that the after Thanksgiving sales were kept secret until the papers hit the street. I remember the excitement that used to be had when you could go through the paper on Thanksgiving day and see various stores’ sales. Now, there are a dozen websites that only exist to ‘leak’ these sales as soon as possible. They post PDFs of the ads and actually reward those who get the ads to them first. Now, however, I think it is the national branding’s purpose to get these ads out as soon as possible, and they take all measures to make sure that their ads are ‘leaked.’

You can check out the black friday deals that True Value will be having here.

Perhaps the best deal that I can point out in this black friday True Value ad, is one that you can only use here at Howard Brothers.

Note on page 4 the True Value Credit Card Advertisement:

true value credit card black friday 2013

true value credit card black friday 2013

So get this, when you use the True Value Discover Card between November 27 and December 15, your purchase of $299 or more will receive no interest until January 2015. You must make minimum monthly payments, but that is a fantastic deal! You can pick up the Big Green Egg you’ve been wanting, The Yeti Cooler, The Honda Generator, The Makita Cordless Combo Kit, The STIHL backpack blower…

Frankly, these are the unique and premium brands that make Howard Brothers who we are, and you can get the sale pricing and the financing option at the same time!

After the rush of Black Friday, think about us on Small Business Saturday and come Buy Local.




Whether you use a blower or a rake to get the leaves off your lawn this Fall, the dilemma will arise of what to do with all those piles of leaves. (You do know that you need to get the leaves off your lawn…right?)

One of the easiest and possibly the most beneficial thing you can do with the large piles of Fall leaves in your lawn (besides jumping in them first and/or taking your family’s fall pictures)  is to compost them. Composting is fairly simple and with minimal time and effort, can give you a rich, organic, and completely free soil amendment for your lawn, flower beds, and produce gardens.

This is especially helpful here in Atlanta and all of North Georgia, because our ground is mostly compacted clay. Once you have a good supply of compost, you can mix it in with your soil to improve plant growth and health.

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It’s only mid-November, but “Christmas” has been in some stores since at least Halloween… or it seams like LAST Halloween :)

For most Americans, however, serious holiday shopping doesn’t begin until Thanksgiving Weekend. On Black Friday, the day after (or even on) Thanksgiving, stores will open early (or very early) with incredible bargains to draw customers to their doors. Although internet shoppers aren’t restricted by store hours, many wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving (dubbed Cyber Monday), to start online shopping – after having had plenty of time to compare prices in the local stores before deciding if online shopping really is the bargain it appears.

Small Business Saturday

Less familiar, but no less important, is Small Business Saturday®, observed this year on November 30. Established in 2010 by American Express, and now in its fourth year, Small Business Saturday® encourages Americans to support their small business community on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It also reminds shoppers that their purchasing dollars are powerful! This annual event motivates holiday shoppers across the country to seek out local merchants during the Nation’s busiest – and usually most profitable – shopping weekend of the year. On Small Business Saturday® 2011, for example, approximately 100 million people shopped at independently-owned small businesses in the United States!

Small Business in America

This promotion is important because small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. Local retailers are our neighbors, and active participants in the community. Small businesses sponsor school sports teams, participate in town festivals, act as collection sites for food drives, allow church groups to hold car wash fundraisers in their parking lots, and more.

Small businesses also drive the local economy. Over half of all Americans employed in the private sector work for a small business. Small businesses create jobs, and their very presence preserves, and revitalizes, neighborhoods. The U.S. Small Business Administration tells us that shopping at small businesses makes a definite impact on a local economy.

$10 Credit from American Express

As part of the Small Business Saturday® event, American Express has created a special $10 credit offer for their card members. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up at from November 24 – 30.
  2. Use your Amex Card to spend $10 or more at an approved American Express small business – like Howard Brothers Hardware – on Small Business Saturday®.
  3. A $10 credit will appear on your next American Express statement!

Registration is limited for this promotion, so don’t delay signing up!

This Thanksgiving Weekend, make plans to participate in Small Business Saturday®. Find your family and friends special, thoughtful gifts while supporting our neighbors in the small business community. Plus, you can earn a $10 credit from American Express!

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We’re now on Google+

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We’ve finally taken the time to create Google+ pages for each of our locations. As a small business, it sure is difficult to manage all the online identities that seem to pop up all the time, but I guess Google+ or Google Plus… whatever you want to call it, isn’t going away. We should have a presence there if for no other reason, to improve the search rankings of our website and hopefully help more people find us!

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I love this time of year. Fall in North Georgia is quite possibly the most beautiful time of the year. With mild weather, changing leaves, and abundance of pumpkins, apples, and other fall harvested fruits and veggies, what’s not to love about fall?

Well there is one thing – all those leaves that have been changing colors will start falling from the trees and will soon be sitting on your lawn.

Now it may be tempting to ignore these pesky leaves, or just wait until next week when more of their friends fall from the trees to join them on your otherwise beautiful lawn. However, getting those leaves off of your lawn sooner than later can help you maintain the health of your lawn and mean less work for you in the long run. Neglected leaves on your lawn may mean you’ll have to nurse your sun-starved grass back to health.

The longer the leaves sit, the more matted together the leaves will become and the less your lawn will be able to get the oxygen and sunlight that it needs.

off-lawnSo… It is time to use your best Clint Eastwood / Gran Torino impression… “Get off my Lawn!”

Getting leaves off your lawn doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore or even be terribly time consuming. If you have children, get them to help you. Make a game out of it, build a leaf pile and let them jump in it!

Or, don’t use a rake. Get a leaf blower to remove those leaves from your lawn even faster. Here are some quick links to products that we sell that you should consider:

You might even consider hooking up your bagger to your lawn mower and taking a little time to chop and vacuum them up. This would be an ideal time to create a compost bin. Making compost is good for your garden, wallet and the environment! It’s a simple way to practice organic gardening since you will reduce, reuse and recycle waste to maintain a healthy, beautiful garden. Adding compost to your garden can prevent plant diseases, reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizer and revitalize soil to encourage growth of your plants and flowers. Click here to learn more about creating a composting bin.

Whatever you do, don’t harm your grass later by ignoring the leaves that are falling on it now.