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Snapper Zero Turn Mower ZT2246 Priced to Sell

Update: 10/16/13 2:35pm

Like I said, these won’t last long. We just sold our last one at Oakwood. Only have one more left at Doraville. Don’t delay!


Believe me, I bet the last thing you’re thinking about as we are in the middle of October is cutting grass, but bear with me a moment. This could be the best thing that happened to your Saturday mornings since College Game Day on ESPN.

We’ve got a couple Brand New Snapper Zero Turn Mower ZT2246 that we need to sell.

This is not a demo. It is not used. It is brand new and on our showroom floor. It will receive full manufacturer’s warranty and can be financed (with a small fee.)


22HP/646cc Briggs & Stratton Pro Series V-Twin Engine
•Runs cooler & cleaner delivering more power, better fuel economy
•Full pressure lube system with spin-on oil filter
•Dura-Bore™ cast iron cylinder sleeve withstands wear and abuse

Hydro-Gear EZT Hydrostatic Transmission
•Provides responsive manueverability and a smoother ride
•Forward speeds up to 6 mph; up to 3 mph in reverse

46-Inch, 3-Blade Mower Deck
•14-gauge stamped steel design with aluminum greaseable arbors
•Anti-scalp wheels allow the deck to float over the turf
•Electric height-of-cut adjustment
•Electric PTO

Easy Access Control Panel
•Finger tip control of throttle, mower engagement & height-of-cut

Cast Iron Axle Pivots With Ground Contours
•Allows the mower to ride smoothly over the lawn


This Mower has been selling in our stores for $2999, but we need to get rid of this one before next year’s mowers (models) come in.

How does $1000 off that price sound? First come, first served. This mower WILL sell at $1999. It is a steal for a residential consumer who has a good sized lawn, and has been using a push mower or even a rear or front engine rider lawn tractor. This will cut your cutting time A LOT and give you more time to do other things on Saturdays instead of cutting grass.

Photo Oct 16, 8 05 04 AM

Give us a call or email us if you are interested, but don’t delay.

Howard Brothers Doraville – 770-449-6500

What the Pros Say about STIHL

Watch and hear what professional landscapers think about Outdoor Power Equipment; what they use, what they look for in their tools and what gives them the best value.

This is why Howard Brothers is the largest STIHL dealer in the world. We registered another 50 units that we sold over the weekend this morning for our customers. It’s time for you to become a STIHL owner. If they’re good for these businesses who use them everyday, they’re good for your home use!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.38.39 AM

Government Shutdown Doesn’t Stop Landscaping at Nation’s Capital

You’ve probably heard this story, but if you haven’t it is too good to miss.

Chris Cox, a chain-saw sculptor from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina decided to take his 21″ walk behind lawn mower, his backpack blower and his tree truck to the nation’s capital to help maintain the Lincoln Memorial.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.56.57 AM

This is totally non political. Chris is just picking up the trash and maintaining the grounds, while none others were. Over the weekend he received help from others who visited Washington DC to join the cause. Now there are dozens who have joined forces to create the memorial militia.

Chris, you have our thanks and support. Thanks for your passion and work ethic.



How to Deal with the Worst Night in Atlanta Sports History

I just heard last night referred to as “The worst night in Atlanta Sports History.” Ouch

The Falcons losing on Monday Night football to the Jets and the Braves getting bounced from the playoffs by the Dodgers really does sting this morning.

So what are you gonna do to get over it?

Let me suggest a few things around the house that you’ve probably neglected these past few weeks. Take that anger and dismay and apply yourself to get a few projects done!

  • Fescue! Time to overseed. You gotta do it NOW if you’re gonna do it at all this year. Don’t delay. The window is closing on you.
  • If you’ve got bermuda or Zoysia, you should be putting down some weed preventor to control winter weeds like chickweed and bluegrass. Can we suggest Howard Seed and Fertilizer?
  • How about get your flowerbeds in order with some fall pansies. Do you need a mini-tiller to make that work go quicker?
  • Get ready for your last cut of the year on your lawn. And prepare to winterize your equipment correctly.
  • Paint! You probably have family coming for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Is there any interior (or exterior) painting that you need to get taken care of now?
  • How’s your insulation looking? Do you have any pipes that are near exterior walls that could be insulated with simple pipe insulation. You could grab a water heater blanket and seal out cold air which will result in energy savings and protection against freeze.

Even days like today are great days to get started and complete projects around your home. If you have any questions, visit one of our locations and we’ll be sure to get you what you need to get the job done right.


True Value Bargains of the Month – October 2013

Whoa. It’s October? When did this happen? It sure seems like September just started last week. Actually, if you go visit many of the bigger retail establishments, you’ll walk inside and immediately think that it is Christmas. The decorations are coming out of the back storage rooms, and Halloween decorations are already being discounted because they’ve been out for two months thus far!

By the way, did you know that Halloween is supposedly the second largest holiday when it comes to decorating? Do you decorate inside or outside for Halloween? #funfact Perhaps one of the items will reflect this fact.

Moving on this month’s True Value Bargains of the Month. Let’s see what we have…

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Howard Brothers and Man’s Corner at the Duluth Fall Festival – 2013

We are less than a week away from the Duluth Fall Festival. Last minute preparations are underway to make sure that this will be the best festival yet. We want to make this one fun and interactive so that we attract a LOT of people to our little corner of the lawn.

As always, we’re gonna have food. Big Green Egg and Traeger will be fired up serving up some tasty morsels. You won’t get a meal’s worth, but you will be able to try out some hamburger, sausage, chicken and pork from both grills. This year however, we’re also gonna have the Smokin’ Tex on hand. Also we’re gonna have YETI coolers to check out. Socks Love Rub will also be sold at our booth.

Demo XL Big Green Eggs on Sale

By the way, we’re selling our Demo Big Green Eggs. They’ll be on Sale at the festival, but let us know if you’re interested in these slightly used models. I can’t advertise the price, but it will be good.

That rounds out our “grill zone” area.

We’re bringing Makita again this year, but we’re gonna be making it MUCH more interactive. There will be the Makita Demo tent, but in addition, there will be a Makita Cordless Tool Challenge. Just you against the stopwatch. Compete in a timed challenge for a chance to win some prizes, but also walk away with a pretty cool shirt.

Bonide will be on hand. At this tent, you can ask lawn or insect related questions and get answers. Walter Reeves, the Georgia Gardner, will be on hand Saturday for a while to meet you.

And of course, we’ll have some power equipment to kick the tires. Lawn mowers, Honda Generators and 2 cycle equipment.

And… there will be one really BIG surprise. You’ll just have to drop by and see it.

See you this Saturday and Sunday.

For more info, check out http://www.duluthfallfestival.org/

See you in Man’s Corner!


Doug Howard – “Through Little Guys Like Us”

Recently, the folks from Independent We Stand rolled through Atlanta. They were able to sit down with a few of our folks including Doug Howard.

It is great to be a part of brands, like STIHL, who care about the “little guy.”

At the same time, we care about you. Large or small. Corporation or individual.

We’d love to help you with any project or need that you may have. We want to earn your trust!

Doug Howard Independent We Stand
Doug Howard Independent We Stand