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If you’re considering purchasing a new STIHL chainsaw but you aren’t sure which one is right for the tasks you have, the STIHL How-to series can help.

Consider the following when making your choice:
1. How experienced are you with a chainsaw?
2. What do you plan to cut?
3. How big is the wood you plan to cut?

SmallMoodThis is specifically a STIHL video. STIHL chain saws are German-engineered and built in America (A majority of STIHL products are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components.) And they’re the only gasoline-powered chain saw manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own bars and chains – to ensure they meet our exacting standards in design and performance. Standards that have made STIHL the clear choice for professionals and homeowners alike.

And have made STIHL the #1 selling brand of chain saws worldwide.

Check out our stores in Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood for STIHL Chainsaws.


Nebo Flashlights at Howard Brothers Atlanta North Georgia

Have you seen the NEBO Flashlights that are on the counters at our locations? These are sweet! With these cool nights that we’ve been having in Atlanta and North Georgia recently, I bet you’ve been spending more time outdoors. We’ve heard from many of our customers who have been telling us of camping trips… and can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner?!

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Suncast Outdoor Storage On Sale

Did you know that you can order thousands of items from True Value Hardware and have them shipped to your closest store? On a weekly basis we have between 2 and 5 people who are taking advantage of this service and are coming to either our Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood stores to pick up everything from outdoor lawn chairs to power tools to chemicals. You can shop 24/7 from anywhere at, pay for your purchase online. Once your order hits our dock, you’ll receive a notification that it is ready to be picked up. We get weekly orders from True Value on Friday mornings, so if you have a need for the weekend, as long as you get the order placed by Wednesday, you can pick it up that week!

This program has been great, but it is about to get better!

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Andy Darnell with Howard Brothers Demo NeverWet

We’ve been having a lot of fun with a new product that we’re selling in our hardware stores. You’ve probably seen the Rust-Oleum NeverWet commercials that are blitzing TV right now… but if you’re skeptical like us, you probably wondered if it really works as advertised.

We put together a very simple experiment and are convinced that it is! In fact, we’re already planning some new ways to test the product out. Check out this video that I created that simply shows off the water repelling qualities of NeverWet on a cinderblock.

Now the video quality isn’t that great… but the product really is incredible. You gotta see it up close to really realize how amazing it is.

Check out this video about some other products and surfaces that you could use NeverWet on.

Of course you’re probably not gonna use this on your iPhone, and it may not last forever, but think of the possibilities that you can use this on.

What would you like to try it out on?



Yesterday, we had an opportunity to take a look at some of the new products that will literally be “sweeping the streets” later this fall.

We’re definitely interested in this merger because it strengthens both brands, but also ensures that our customers who have purchased Giant-Vac products from us in the past, continue to receive the parts and service that they need to keep their equipment running.

Scag Giant-Vac Tease Picture

Scag Giant-Vac Tease Picture

These new products look pretty exciting.

The Leaf & Debris management products are being teased by Scag Giant-Vac on their website. You still can’t click on any of the links in the navigation to get more information, but that will likely change soon. Looks like they will continue to carry:

  • Walk behind street blowers
  • Field/brush mowers
  • Yard vacuums
  • Surface vacuums
  • Truck loaders
  • Industrial debris loaders

And while I have some great pictures from some of the sample pieces that we saw yesterday at our store… I mean, I really would love to show them off… I’m sure that I’d get in trouble if I showed them off before…

(psst. don’t let anyone know that I’m showing you this… but here is one pic that I snapped from the “tow and show.”



Are you interested in Scag Giant-Vac Debris Products? Do you want to receive more information about them as soon as they hit the streets? Want to see or demo one of the products as soon as they’re out? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be sure to move you up to the front of the line.

Scag Giant-Vac Leaf & Debris Management

I am interested in the new products from Scag Giant-Vac and am interested in more information and possibly a demo. Please let me know as soon as they are out.

Scag Giant-vac manufactures leaf and debris management equipment. High performance, commercial grade blowers and vacuum systems for the landscape maintenance professional.



Leatherman Rebar

This is a very neat app that Leatherman put together on their Facebook page for Father’s Day. It is a quiz that will result in the perfect Leatherman for the dad in your life. (Hint… it also serves as a great place for you dads to drop hints to your kids and wives… well, wife. Hopefully there is only one.)

It is actually a pretty creative quiz. You should check it out if only to read through the questions and figure out what the perfect Leatherman for YOU is.

We think that every man should have a Leatherman tool. He should carry it around with him and be prepared for any task that needs a tool. You can get a lot done or fixed with a Leatherman.

We stock a HUGE selection of Leatherman tools at our stores in Duluth, Doraville and Oakwood. So when you get to the part of the quiz results that tells you to “choose a retailer” Think SMALL. Think LOCAL. Think HOWARDS!

Take the following quiz and then come into one of our stores to get that perfect gift that dad wants.

Leatherman Father's Day Gift Finder

Leatherman Father’s Day Gift Finder

By the way, my perfect Leatherman… was the Rebar. Anyone want to get me one?

Leatherman Rebar

Leatherman Rebar