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Did you know that our Oakwood store is now a Benjamin Moore authorized dealer?

Check out this great video about Regal Select Benjamin Moore Paint.

I so want to try this out!

For a paint that actually repels dirt and grime, a paint that stands up to life’s wear and tear Benjamin Moore® Regal® Select is your can. Benjamin Moore, Paint like no other.™

So if you’re in Oakwood, or Gainesville, or Flowery Branch, or Braselton, Or Dawsonville, Or Chateau Elan… Or anywhere in Hall county near Lake Lanier, check out Howard Brothers Oakwood for your Benjamin Moore Paint needs.

Benjamin Moore Paint. Regal Select. Only This Can.

Benjamin Moore Paint. Regal Select. Only This Can.

I admit it. I’m a space junkie. Anything NASA related… I love. I closely follow commercial space ventures and can’t wait for the United States to get their act together so that we can send up our own missions and people on our rockets with our ships.

In the 1990s, NASA started using the Makita 6213D on the international space station. Apparently they’re still in use or have been upgraded to newer NiMH battery. I wonder if they have any Lithium Ion tools onboard.

Check out this video from Russian Colonel Maksim Surayev, who has recently started sharing candid videos on YouTube of life onboard the International Space Station.

Who hasn’t picked up a cordless drill and pretended it was a gun?

Cool stuff

Makita Cordless Drill on the International Space Station

Makita Cordless Drill on the International Space Station

For a while now, we’ve been on the hunt for a premium gas grill that we’d feel as much pride with as the Big Green Egg and Traeger product line. We have found that product… and the sad thing is we didn’t have far to look. They were stocked in our True Value Warehouse, and we’ve often thought of them as an option, but we kept looking…

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