Snowmageddon in Atlanta 2011

This time last year we were preparing for snowmageddon in Atlanta. The storm that hit the south crippled Atlanta for most of the week. We saw a half foot or more of snow accumulate. Ice was a major problem on the roads for several days. Jokes from our friends and families out of state starting pouring in as they could not believe that we could not handle a little bit of snow and ice.

Our three stores remained closed the first day. Monday was horrible in the city. We were paralyzed and could not travel anywhere. On Tuesday, people started venturing out. We had ice melt, salt, pea gravel and sand that disappeared almost as soon as we opened the doors. Any and everything that could be used as a snow sled was gone. Gloves, heaters, snow shovels, carhartt thermal wear, water proof boots and anything that could aid the snow bound public was quickly sold. While power outages weren’t widespread, we sold many generators to folks who wanted to be prepared for anything unexpected.

We were able to get some additional deliveries of supplies from our local True Value warehouse to “weather the storm.” Our commercial account customers were going to be attempting to get back to normal. I’m not sure how many pallets of ice melt we sold, but it was a lot.

This year, however, we are experiencing temperatures in the 60s!

That being said, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for weather patterns that could bring some ice and snow our way. If you’ve lived in Atlanta long, you know that we can have a drop in temps from now to March. We’ll be watching so that we have those snow discs, ice melt and other supplies when you need them.

So, what about you? Would you want some snow this year before we head into spring?



5 thoughts on “Snowmageddon in Atlanta 2011”

  1. yes , would love to see some snow! Also, the email line only says mail, you probably should adjust that to read properly.

  2. Yes, we want to see ice. How long do the bags of ice melt last? I think we better come get some. Thanks for your wonderful website.

    1. Cherie, I think you can store these bags indefinitely if in a protected area. If they get a hole in them, they can obviously spill out. Grab a tote on sale and put it inside, and you’ll be good.

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