2010 Giant-Vac TL652951W Tow Behind Leaf Loader

Ever heard of the Discount Shopping Club? It is a nationwide site and is operated locally by 104.7 The Fish, which is a Christian Music radio station. This website allows folks to sell items to other listeners at a reduced/discounted price.

And I think we have won the prize for the oddest item to ever be placed on the website.

We’re trying to sell a Giant Vac Tow Behind Leaf Loader on the website.

Weird… we know.

But get this, If you’ve been eyeballing this Leaf Loader that is sitting in our parking lot… If you have the need for it, this is an INCREDIBLE PRICE on the 2010 Giant-Vac TL652951W Tow Behind Leaf Loader.

Want to know the price?

How about $7750?

The thing retails for $15000+

We’ve had large numbers of people look at it and every once in a while, we’ll demo it for someone. Several times people are ready to pull the trigger but don’t.

Now is the time to fire.

For more information, check out the Discount Shopping Club page. Don’t wait. We think it will go fast.

2010 Giant-Vac TL652951W Tow Behind Leaf Loader


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