Snow and Nealley Axes and Mauls

This post started out not being about the collapse of the Atlanta Braves. In fact, I already had it figured out how I was going to tie in the Braves post season and Snow and Nealley axes. I was going to suggest how Braves fans could grab up their own Tomahawk (though not called by name) and proudly display it on their office desks and cubicles.

I was going to make note of how Snow and Nealley have been around long before the Atlanta Braves. Even before they were the  Boston Braves. Even Before they were the Boston Red Stockings. Long before there was Chief Nocahoma, there was Snow and Nealley.

The Quality of Snow and Nealley Products is well known. They are the type of tool that get handed down for generations to enjoy. These tools were originally designed for trappers, hunters, and fishermen on expeditions along the Hudson Bay.
Today, they are the favorite of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The hickory handles are solid and the tempered blades hold a cutting edge that lasts.

Every Christmas we see folks come in the store and become new first time owners of a Snow and Nealley axe or maul. We get more requests around this time of year for high quality single bit axe and double bit axes made in the USA.

The Snow and Nealley Campers Gift Sets and the Snow and Nealley Split n Kindling Gift Sets are highly sought after.

And I thought, I could roll the Atlanta Braves Playoff run into an interesting mash-up that would draw some viral interest. But sadly, the Braves failed down the stretch and did not make it into the playoffs.

That does not mean that you still can’t get your hands on a perfect gift for someone who KNOWS quality!

Check out our online Snow and Nealley store at to place an order.


Honda Super Quiet Generators

Recently, Bruce Tate, the Doraville Parts Manager and one of the many Outdoor Power Salesman we have, had the opportunity to talk about our line of Honda Generators.

Howard Brothers sells Honda Generators in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood Georgia. Honda generators are reliable, fuel efficient, portable and super quiet. They allow for the comforts of home while in the outdoors. They are ready for inconvenience when power outages occur and are preferred in the workplace on most construction and job sites.

Honda’s Super Quiet generators mean you’ll never have to worry about disturbing your neighbors – or your own “peace and quiet.”

To get more information on our Honda Generators or some of the Other Outdoor Power Equipment, you can fill out our Contact Us Form and our sales team can get back in touch with you.

The Super Quiet Series generators are extremely lightweight and portable and thanks to the Eco-Throttle System, the engine runs only as fast as needed for any given load which conserves fuel.

Because of restrictions from Honda, we can not post our pricing here on this site, but you can visit our Honda Power Equipment eStore to learn more.  We do stock all the EU Super Quiet Models:

  • EU1000i
  • EU2000i
  • EU2000i Camo
  • EU2000i Companion
  • EU3000iA
  • Handi EU3000i
  • EU6500iS


2011 Duluth Fall Festival Contest Winner Announced

Thanks to all who entered our giveaway over the weekend at the Duluth fall festival.

It was a great time and we really enjoyed getting to visit with everyone.

The contest was either for a STIHL Wet Dry Vacuum or a Holland Companion Grill.

The tension is building.

Did you enter to win?

Drumroll Please.

The suspense is killing me.

By the way, wasn’t the fall festival GREAT?

The folks who set it up and volunteers were AWESOME!


Congratulations Ben on winning. I’ll get with you soon and we can discuss which item you’d like to have.

Hi Duluth Fall Festivalian!

Did you recently see the QR code at the Duluth Fall Festival?

Of course you did, because this page isn’t being advertised anywhere else.

Well, you could have stumbled upon it in someway… or you’ve already subscribed to our RSS Feed…and if you did, then I bid you welcome and congratulations.

Hopefully while at the Festival you were able to sample some of the good food that came off the Big Green Eggs. We hope you received information on our Outdoor Power Equipment and Hardware store and are encouraged to visit us at one of our three locations in Duluth, Doraville and Oakwood.

We recently launched a new website and are getting very active in various social media channels that you are probably active in. We feel that the information that we will be promoting will be educational but also beneficial to you. To entice you to joining our fan base, we’re giving away either a STIHL Wet/Dry Vacuum (SE122 – Retail $349.99 or a Holland Companion Grill (BH212EC1 – Retail $249.99)

All you have to do to win is Like Us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter and then share the following with your circle of influence:

“Check out @howardbrothers and follow them: #DuluthFallFest”

You will receive an entry just for leaving a comment below even if you don’t share, but you will also receive one entry each for sharing us on Facebook and Twitter. That gives you three chances of winning.

We’ll give you until midnight September 27 to participate. On Wednesday, September 28th we’ll compile all the entries and select one entry at random to win. The winner can choose either the Vacuum or the Grill. We’ll announce the winner right here on the blog as an incentive for you to come back!

Oh, one other thing, leave a comment below telling me which method you use so that I get the entries correct.

Join us. Friend Us. Like Us.

We’ll also give you a chance of winning if you sign up for our monthly E-Mail Newsletter in the right column. We promise not to pile SPAM in you inbox. We’ll make it worth your sign-up!

Time to Get your Grass in Shape

For those of us in the Metro Atlanta area, you may be getting excited that soon you will be able to stop cutting your grass for the year. Finally, you will have a break from the long hours spent out in your lawn. Wrong. The next four to five weeks could be the most important weeks in preparation for the health and appearance of your lawn for next spring.

First of all you probably are going to need to begin raking (or quit raking and use a blower to make that job easier.) Some people will wait until every last leaf has fallen off their trees, but this is no good. Even a light layer of leaves and debris could cause mold and other diseases to form. This could make the lawn very unhealthy or even kill it.

Next, you’ll need to keep up with the weeding. This really does become a year round task. If you stay on top of the weeding, eventually you’ll be on the better side and will have fewer to address. Obviously this will decrease the total time you have to spend in the yard or you could use this time to tackle some additional projects outdoors. If you allow a week or two before reseeding, you can use post-emergent spray weed killer like roundup. Pre-emergents and Fertilizers will becoming soon so you need to get ready for it.

Around the end of September, you may want to reseed or plant a new fescue lawn. The beginning of October really triggers the fescue planting season. It will be time to Aerate your lawn and reseed. We can help you with all the tools and products that you’ll need. We’ll match the right product to your lawn and need.

Even if you don’t reseed, fertilizing your yard will help give the nutrients that the ground and grass needs. It will keep the grass green and will help with weed prevention.

Here are some of the brands that we carry that will help you get your yard in shape:

  • Green Thumb
  • Pennington
  • Scotts
  • Rebel
  • Wonderlawn
  • Jonathan Green & Sons
  • Bonide
  • Spectracide
  • RoundUp
  • Bayer
  • Ortho
  • Sevin
  • Earthway

So if you want to have a healthy lawn next spring, you need to start now. In fact it really is a year round process to maintinance schedule.

For more information, come into one our three stores. We’ll be glad to help you plan out your project. Click here to learn more about the products from True Value that will help in your yard.