Fuel Stabilizers and Ethanol Free Gasoline for Outdoor Power Equipment

There has been a lot of discussion lately about winterizing outdoor power equipment and specifically some concerns that some people are having with Ethanol in their gas that could potentially lead to water problems in the gasoline. This has the potential to lead to carburetor problems that occur because of moisture in the fuel.

I recently had the chance to discuss fuel stabilizer with Bruce Tate at our Doraville store. We also discussed SEF94 Fuel that is a great product that provides total assurance over the quality of your gasoline.

Elvis the Crocodile 1, Landscaper 0

Did you hear about the 1100 pound Australian Crocodile named Elvis who appears to have a high opinion about the brand of lawnmower that is used to cut the grass around his pond in the enclosure at the Australian Reptile Park?

(Full link to article below)


True Value Idea House: Get Rid of Rodents

True Value offers great tips and advice on their Start Right Start Here page. They offer projects that range from beginner to advanced and inside vs outside. Every year around this time we begin to see the increase in customers looking for assistance with indoor rodents. This year, even though we still have very mild temperatures, has been no different.

“What do I need to get a squirrel out of my attic?”

“It sounds like something is coming through the wall.”

“We’re seeing droppings in our garage or basement.”

“My wife moved her and the kids out until I produce a rat corpse.”

OK… so the last one is stretching it a little, regardless, we in the hardware store are getting to educate our customers on spring traps, glue traps, live traps, and poisons (and occasionally we’ll get the guy who wants to electrocute the rodent with a rat zapper.

Anyway, back to my original point… True Value has created a great resource that explains how to get rid of rodents. The remind you that you should do some preliminary inspection, consider safety when trying to trap/kill rodents, tips on sealing openings to try and keep future rodents out, how to pick the right trap or poison and how to bait the traps.

Remember that we are available to answer questions and help you select the right products to succeed at your projects.

So hopefully you can produce the corpse.

Holiday Store Hours

It is so difficult to believe that Christmas is this Sunday. 2011 has flown past. It has been such a great year for us here at Howard Brothers. We do have some different store hours coming up for Christmas and New Years that you need to be aware.

December 24th: Close at 3:00pm

December 26th: Store Closed

December 31st: Close at 3:00pm

January 2nd: Store Closed

We are sorry for an inconvenience this may create, but we want our employees to be able to spend some extra time with their families during Christmas and New Years.

Thank you so much for your support of Howard Brothers in 2011. We are really excited about what is happening and are looking forward to 2012.


We Won an Indie!

On Monday, we were informed by the good folks at Independent We Stand that we had placed first in the week long voting for the Indie. Many of you already know this, but this was an award that was being given to recognize the best locally owned business in the country. What an amazing honor this was to be chosen.

We have a ton of fans and followers and were overwhelmed by the turnout and dedication of those of you who voted. Many of our customers came into our three locations and were asking about it. We had a lot of followers on Facebook who were enlisting friends and family members to vote for us.