Peachtree Ridge High School Robotics

Last year the Peachtree Ridge High School Robotics Team won a few awards and this year they’re back at it. We’re proud to be a sponsor of the RoboLions.

They’re competing at the Palmetto Regional compitition in Myrtle Beach today and tomorrow.

The event is being streamed at

I wish we had robotic competitions when i was in High School. It looks like a ton of fun.

Check out their facebook page for more information. Or follow them on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.36.32 AM

Go RoboLions!

GEARUP 2014 – Howard Brothers Annual Spring Sales Event


Last year, we changed the name of our spring 1 day sales day from “Pro Day” to “GearUp”. The response was incredible. Of course, we just opened up our newest power equipment only store in Alpharetta and at the time we were still very commercial landscaper focused.

Everyday, we see more and more homeowners abandoning the big box for their lawn equipment. They understand the benefits of buying a premium product that will last them longer than some of the other brands.

So this year, we decided to change up our one day sale again. For the past 20 years we’ve held our 1 day sale on the second Wednesday in February. We moved the date to March this year to get closer to spring (good thing we did because of the ice and snow that we received in February) and we’re excited that these four days are going to allow us to really give all of our customers the best deals that are available.

There is NO WAY That I can even begin to address ALL of the deals that we’re gonna have on hand, but here are a few of our sales and offers:

GearUp2014 One Day Only Deals

On March 5th we’re really focusing on our commercial customers, and we’ve got some One Day Only Deals that are Awesome!

  • STIHL 2.5 gallon oil mix – Regular Price = $93.99 will be on sale for $69.99 a case (48 bottles to a case) – Limit 5 cases per customer.
  • STIHL BR600 Air Filters – Part # 4282-141-0300 will be on sale for $6.99. Limit 25 filters per customer. These filters are regularly $11.52 each!
  • Edger Blades! We’re selling these for 99 cents each. No Minimum, but we are limiting this deal to 500 per customer.
  • 16×7.5×8 tire is going to be on sale for $49.99. Regular price is $77.94. Limit 5 tires per customer
  • Model 25-083-01S Kohler Air Filter on sale for $9.99! Limit 5 filters per customer.
  • All mower blades are going to be on sale for $9.99 each. No limit!

These deals are only available on March 5th, but all parts will be 20% off March 5th – 8th.

Exmark Deals

Exmark Spring Sales Event Go ProDrive around Atlanta, pay attention to what the professional landscapers are using, and you’ll notice that Exmark is the mower of choice. That being said, Exmark mowers and equipment are not just for the professionals anymore.

If you have a large yard and have been used to using front engine riding mowers to cut your grass, you may be surprised at how affordable a zero turn riding lawn mower. You’ll also be amazed at the quality cut and the amount of time savings that you’ll see with a zero-turn.

At GearUP, you can:

  • Check out the 2014 Lineup. Demo and ask questions about all the products.
  • Get rebates on most of the Exmark Product line like $500 rebates on select Lazer Z and Vantage models, $1000 rebates on navigators.
  • 0% Financing for 42 months.

On top of all these, our prices are the best of the year. This is the time to GoPro to Exmark.

Homeowners are “Going Pro” with other equipment as well. Brands like SCAG, STIHL, Honda and Echo. They understand that these brands are fully supported at Howard Brothers. You can get parts and service longterm vs the alternative of just buying the same product unassembled and unsupported by a big box retailer.

Brands that Howard BRothers sells




By the way, STIHL and Echo have some incredible products that a lot of our homeowner customers are going to. You can use the branded equipment that the pros are using and save yourself in the long run.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.18.41 PM

Don’t forget that we’re one of the largest Honda Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers in Atlanta and North Georgia too. No need to go to the big box and buy a mower in a box. They sell 1 or 2 mowers from Honda… we’ve got all of Honda’s mowers, and unlike the big box home improvement centers, we sell and service all models of Honda mowers.

We’ll help you make yardwork fun again.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.22.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.39.52 PMPerhaps you don’t need any outdoor power equipment. We’ve got some incredible deals from March 5th through 8th that will definitely get you ready for Spring.

Need a long handled tool like a square point or round point shovel? How about a rake or hoe? We’ve got you covered in either wood handled or fiberglass handled tools.

Get all four wooden handle tools for $27.88 or get all 4 fiberglass handle tools for $44.88.

Of course you can buy them one at a time too 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.45.26 PM

How about Mulch? We’ve got what we feel is the BEST mulch price for spring during our GearUp sale. We’re selling 2 cubic foot of colored mulch (red, black or brown) at a crazy price of $15 for 5 bags!

Here’s what you should know, you’ll need 13 bags of mulch to cover an area 10ft x 10ft x 3inches deep.

This mulch will sell quickly. We will offer a raincheck if we run out, but you must purchase the mulch during the sale period.



Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.45.32 PM

A lot of folks are asking about getting their lawn on a healthy maintenance schedule. We’ve got an incredible price on the Bonide 4 phase lawn care program. You can buy all four steps (crabgrass preventer, weed & feed, Insect & feed, and Winterizer for $75.00.

During the sale days, we’re going to give you a Green Thumb Spreader valued at $37.99 also.

Again, you don’t want to miss this deal. If we sell out, we’ll offer a raincheck provided you purchase the offer from March 5th to March 8th.



There are many other deals that you’re gonna want to look at. The best thing you can do though is come on in from March 5th to 8th. Howard-Brothers-Gearup-2014-circular.

In addition to deals, we’re gonna have giveaways, food, and onsite vendor representation to help you with any question that you have to get ready for spring.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.57.12 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.58.26 PMAlso, on Saturday March 8th, we’re excited to have Beth Bacall from 104.7 the Fish at our store in Duluth and we’re also going to have Gene Anderson and Kellie Bowen from the Home Grown show on AM550/FM102.9 WDUN North Georgia broadcasting live from Oakwood. Both of these radio remotes will be happening from 10am – 12 noon. They’ll have giveaways and prizes as well.





Some True Value Hardware Love For Valentine’s Day

Two evenings ago, as we were snowed/iced in during winter storm Pax, I happened across the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation starring Chevy Chase. The movie details the Griswold family’s cross-country drive to the Walley World theme park. Along the way, there are several adventures and disasters that happen to the Griswold family.

I just happened to turn it to the movie during one of the scenes that features Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) having a picnic lunch with his family on the side of the road. They’re eating sandwiches when Clark spots “The Girl in the Red Ferrari” played by Christie Brinkley. She shows up several times along the trip and Griswold leaves the reality that he is in as he daydreams about “the girl.”

In this particular scene though… it wasn’t Christie Brinkley that caught my eye. Take a look and see what you see. (Forgive my shaky video from my iPhone and TV)

Did you spot it?

This classic movie from 1983 featured a big True Value Hardware Tractor Trailer in the background for a major part of the scene! I’d love to know the story behind how this happened. Who is the driver leaning up against it. Check out that old-school TruTest Paint logo. No idea what type of lawn mower that is in the second ad, but it reminds us that True Value used to be the World’s Largest Hardware Chain!


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone. Remember:


Weather Update 1/12/14 – 7AM

As a result of existing and expected weather conditions, we are encouraging our staff to stay home this morning. There are some “sure things” and some “unknowns” with this weather, but in the name of safety, camp in with your family! ….and it wouldn’t be ideal to get stranded at work!
we’ll post more as we know regarding balance of today and tomorrow. #staysafe

Propane / LP Gas Prices Changing Daily

The winter weather has done more than affect the roads and school closings. We’ve seen dramatic price changes on products that people need to stay comfortable. Products like ice melt and heaters have been scarce and other products like Propane and Kerosene have been greatly affected by demand not only here in Atlanta and North Georgia, but in the rest of the country as well.