Pro Landscaper Stripes… You can do it too!

I was watching the World Cup this past weekend and since I am not much of a soccer fan and don’t understand all the nuances of the game,

The World Cup – and Group A – kicked off in style at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo on Thursday. Photograph: Francois Xavier Marit/AFP/Getty Images

Photograph: Francois Xavier Marit/AFP/Getty Images

I was drawn to other things besides the actual game. For instance… the Grass. Now I would normally call this a soccer field, but I was corrected this morning that it is called a pitch.

The grass of the World Cup Pitch is perfection.

I love looking at well designed grass stripes. We see pictures from our customers all the time of projects that they are working on that end up having BEAUTIFULLY striped grass. You can do it too.

Check out this article from Exmark about how to get stripes on your lawn. Try it out and send us your pictures. We’d love to see them.


July 4th Firework Safety in Atlanta and North Georgia

If you’re like me, you’ve been asked a few times this morning, “Do you have any plans for the fourth?”

First of all, I guess I should state that Howard Brothers will be closed on July 4th. We will operate on normal hours July 3rd and July 5th, but we want our family of employees to spend time with their familes and celebrate the birth of our nation and the freedoms we have.


Makita Tools on the Space Station

I admit it. I’m a space junkie. Anything NASA related… I love. I closely follow commercial space ventures and can’t wait for the United States to get their act together so that we can send up our own missions and people on our rockets with our ships.

In the 1990s, NASA started using the Makita 6213D on the international space station. Apparently they’re still in use or have been upgraded to newer NiMH battery. I wonder if they have any Lithium Ion tools onboard.

Check out this video from Russian Colonel Maksim Surayev, who has recently started sharing candid videos on YouTube of life onboard the International Space Station.

Who hasn’t picked up a cordless drill and pretended it was a gun?

Cool stuff

Makita Cordless Drill on the International Space Station

Makita Cordless Drill on the International Space Station

Howard Brothers is now a Weber Gas Grill Authorized Dealer

For a while now, we’ve been on the hunt for a premium gas grill that we’d feel as much pride with as the Big Green Egg and Traeger product line. We have found that product… and the sad thing is we didn’t have far to look. They were stocked in our True Value Warehouse, and we’ve often thought of them as an option, but we kept looking…


The 2014 Pine Box Grand Prix Was Incredible

This past Saturday, we held the 1st annual Pinebox Derby Grand Prix at our Duluth store. We were raising money for CURE Childhood Cancer. It was incredible the turn out we had for this event. We really did not know what to expect, but now that we have gotten past this first event, we are even more excited about the event for next year. (more…)