Big Green Egg Eggtoberfest Pricing at Howard Brothers – Gwinnett & Hall

Big Green Egg has their annual Eggtoberfest next weekend, October 11 at Stone Mountain Park but this year, we’ve got eggtoberfest pricing going on NOW. No need to wait and no need to go to Stone Mountain, when you can visit one of our stores in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood and get Brand New egg packages and what their selling the demos!

Big Green Egg - Eggtoberfest Pricing

Big Green Egg – Eggtoberfest Pricing

Shop Local and support your local Howard Brothers in Gwinnett and Hall County for all your Big Green Egg Needs.

That’s right, we have a few packages (that we can’t advertise the price) that are available at our stores. Give us a call or come in and we’ll let you know. These prices are available now, while supplies last, until October 11.

I can tell you that you can get a large combo Big Green Egg for under $800 and we have a few variations of that package with a table or table mates for under $1000 and under $1200. I can’t tell you the actual prices, but believe me, if you’ve wanted an egg… now is the time to act. Get it now and save it as a Christmas present… or just go ahead and put it to use immediately.

Give us a call

Doraville: 770-449-1819
Duluth: 770-476-3006
Oakwood: 678-450-0500

Echo Power Equipment Fall Get Serious Sales Event

Does it ever feel like your yard is taunting you? Need to do some clean-up but tired of outdoor power equipment that won’t start or breaks down while using it? Professional-grade equipment from ECHO is your answer and you can save some money now during the National Sales Event.

Off Spray Says Lawnmowers will become Leafblowers – Don’t Do It!

If you’re like me, you get a kick out of sponsored advertising that pops up on your facebook wall. I will be researching a product like dewalt tools one day, and for the next week or more, I’ll be having sponsored ads on my facebook wall that are all about Dewalt tools. But othertimes, it is obvious that I am just the target audience for the brand. I think this is the case with Off.

Off (an SC Johnson brand) has had an impressive targeting campaign going over the past week or so. It has been titled “Get Back Out There” (using the hashtag #GetBackOutThere.) Basically, it has been a countdown of various events. Back to School, Back to Fall…

I saw this one yesterday:


True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2014

It is September. In fact, to be more specific, it is September 2nd. I’m late posting this because of Labor Day yesterday. I find it ironic that on this date in 1789, the United States Department of the Treasury was established. I wonder if there is any relation to the fact that day was yesterday. I mean, I guess that Labor day is actually the first Monday in September, but I wonder if it was established in any way connected to the fact that the treasury department gets a big take of our labor…. On more serious notes, on 9/2/45 Japan surrendered in World War II (V-J Day)

Also in September is National Chicken Month.

And National Rice Month.

And National Potato Month.

Sounds like someone needs to come up with a recipe for the Big Green Egg that includes these three ingredients.

Well, the new month also means that we have a new group of items that are on sale from True Value. Here are the Bargains of the month!