Benjamin Moore Paint Stands Up to Life’s Wear and Tear

Did you know that our Oakwood store is now a Benjamin Moore authorized dealer?

Check out this great video about Regal Select Benjamin Moore Paint.

I so want to try this out!

For a paint that actually repels dirt and grime, a paint that stands up to life’s wear and tear Benjamin Moore® Regal® Select is your can. Benjamin Moore, Paint like no other.™

So if you’re in Oakwood, or Gainesville, or Flowery Branch, or Braselton, Or Dawsonville, Or Chateau Elan… Or anywhere in Hall county near Lake Lanier, check out Howard Brothers Oakwood for your Benjamin Moore Paint needs.

Benjamin Moore Paint. Regal Select. Only This Can.

Benjamin Moore Paint. Regal Select. Only This Can.

Spring 2015 Echo Power Equipment TV Spot Tag

You might start seeing some of our TV Spots running on Comcast in the Atlanta and North Georgia area. Actually, they’re Echo Power Equipment spots, but you have to pay really close attention at the end to see our tag. Just incase you missed it… Here’s the tag in its entirety.

We wanted to make sure that you get to see this so that just in case you google “Echo Troll” or “Echo Power Equipment in Atlanta with the Troll TV Spot” You’d find us. We’d love to help you and be your dealer of choice for your new power equipment purchase, parts and service for older equipment. Get Serious… Don’t go to a Big Box Store. Buy Local.

By the way, just in case you do see it. Let us know. Comment below and let us know if you saw it, when and on what channel.

Echo Power Equipment Trolls Atlanta Georgia

Echo Power Equipment Trolls Atlanta Georgia


True Value Home Theatre Project Starts with Grass Seed

This is such a cool spot from True Value. Check it out:

I love that it reminds us that the projects we do can and should be rewarding. All the supplies that go into a project lead to the reward and enjoyment of a job well done!

Your projects can lead to years of memories and even better relationships with those around you. Don’t just think of it as a chore or a task… think of the longterm rewards.

True Value - The Value of Opening Night

True Value – The Value of Opening Night

Echo Reminds Us to Watch our Fuels!

Echo created this amazing info-graph recently that reminds us about the dangers that Ethanol could cause for small engines in power equipment.

The key to a healthy fuel hygiene is:

  1. Only purchase recommended fuel for your equipment.
  2. Only buy enough fuel for a maximum of 30 days at a time.
  3. Use self-venting fuel containers that keep air from your fuel.
  4. Use recommended fuel stabilizers and oil mix
  5. Shake your fuel container before use. It really does help.
  6. Store your fuel container in a dry and cool area between use.
  7. Drain fuel from equipment if storing for longer than 30days.

This list is even a littler conservative. It is best to totally rethink your use of gasoline in small engines. We see way too many repair situations that were caused by fuel related damage.


Ethanol in Echo Power Equipment Fuels

Service While You Wait – Honda Mowers – Spring Tune Up

Our popular Lawn Mower Service While You Wait is back!

Get your mower ready for spring. Beat the crowds, save time, and save money too. Bring your Honda, Exmark, or Snapper 21 inch rotary lawn mower in to one of our 4 locations for its regular tune-up appointment. We expect each appointment to take about 30 minutes of your time from the moment we unload your mower to the time we load it back again.

Promotion includes parts and labor:

  • Replace Spark Plug
  • Clean and/or replace Air Filter
  • Change Oil
  • Replace fuel with fresh “Ethanol Shield” treated fuel
  • Sharpen blade or replace those displaying 50% wear
  • Inspect and advise of any potential repair concerns

All this for $74.99

Schedule Your Lawn Mower Tune-Up Appointment Below:

alpharetta doraville

duluth oakwood

Remember, this is a pre-season tune-up preventive maintenance promotion only. Any repairs needed, not falling under the guidelines of this promotion, must be checked in and processed through our normal repair procedures and guidelines.

Mower Repairs Requiring Additional Time, Parts and Labor:

  • Starter Recoil
  • Carburetor Cleaning resulting from stale fuel
  • Transmission and/or blade belt replacement
  • Tire and/or wheel replacement
  • Other

In the event you require further repairs, your payment will be applied to the total repair costs of your machine. All mowers must be in working condition to qualify for this offer. Available dates and times may be expanded based upon customer demand.


Honda, Exmark, Snapper Lawn Mower Service While You Wait Atlanta