2017 Duluth Fall Festival

Each year around this time, we start getting excited for a few things. Football and The Festival.

For us, the Duluth Fall Festival is THE festival.

We probably need to start rethinking this, as we have stores in 4 other cities, but the Duluth Fall Festival is in our backyard and is such a HUGE event in our area, that we HAVE to participate. Besides, we helped create Man’s Corner which has grown to encompass much of the grassy area between the main festival stage and Town Hall.

Over the years, we have made our presence known by the smoke in the air. We Cook! We Eat!

Last year was the first time we decided to really share our love of cooking in an intimate setting we called Smoke and Tell. Our dream was to do cooking classes on the Traeger Wood Pellet Smokers while folks watched. We were blown away by the response last year as hundreds of folks stopped by our booth, took a seat under the tent and listened to our love of all things Traeger.

This year it will be even better!

Stop by our booth in Man’s Corner¬†Saturday, September 30 and Sunday October 1, 2017 for an intimate look at Traeger Wood Pellet Smokers. You may have seen the infomercials about the Traeger grills, but you have to see the Pro-Series Traegers and the Timberline smokers to see the difference. We’ll answer all your questions and give you the chance to try out some amazing food. We’re not professional chefs… we’re just folks like you who love good food off the grill. You’ll be amazed at how simple they are to use and how quickly you become a smoking culinary expert!

We will also be having Festival only Deals which we can’t mention online, plus you can sign up to win a Pro-Series 22 which we will be giving away on Monday, October the 2nd as soon as the festival is done to one lucky winner.

Mark your calendars now! We’ll see you then!

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