10 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss Howard Brothers GearUp2017

25 Years!

That’s hard to believe, but call it whatever you want… Pro Day, 1 Day Sales Event, Gear Up… We’ve been doing this early spring sales events for Landscapers in The Atlanta and North Georgia area for 25 years!

It was 1992 that Howard Brothers held its first one day sales event. At the time, the landscaping industry in Atlanta was just beginning to take root. We held the event at the old Falcon’s Inn in Suwanee. Lawn tractors and push mowers were the big ticket items back then. At the time, we were a Toro dealer. Folks were using Snapper Rear Engine tractors to cut grass.

So much has changed, yet Howard Brothers has been providing the best products and product knowledge for professional landscapers this whole time.

Don’t Miss GearUp!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you DON’T want to miss GearUp

  1. Pricing on New Equipment – We aren’t kidding when we say that the best prices of the year are only available on 3/1/17. These are prices that often can not be advertised online or on a postcard or on social media. Know that we set pricing that we feel is the best around. In addition to Manufacturers Rebates and Howard Brothers Only Rebates… you’re gonna be happy with the price of your new equipment!
  2. Discount Pricing on Parts – While we do have some HOT BUY pricing specials on some specific parts (see reasons #3 through #6) ALL of our parts are 20% off on that day only. We will have landscape companies bring in a list of their highly used parts and purchase enough for the season or at least for several months. Any part you need… 20% off!
  3. Edger Blades for 89 cents! – Need we say more. Other than gasoline, there’s maybe nothing more ‘consumable’ in the landscaping industry than edger blades. On March 1st, you can get them for .89/each with no minimum quantities.
  4. Lawn Mower Blades for $9.99! – Other competition have their specials on blades specify, “as low as, or From” but all of our mower blades are on sale for $9.99. Need a Blade that is normally $30 or $40… yeah, it’s on sale for $9.99. No Minimums!
  5. 2.5 gallon Oil Mix Case Price for $69.99! – Get a case of STIHL 2 cycle gas oil mix for $69.99. 48 bottles to a case. There is a limit on this… 5 cases per customer only please.
  6. Walker Mower – $250 Instant Rebate – This one is a Howard Brothers Only Special… If you purchase a Walker Mower, we’re gonna give you $250 towards the purchase of any STIHL or ECHO equipment the same day.
  7. Glyphosate – Best Price of the Year –  You have weeds… if not now, you will. Weed Killer/RoundUp will not be cheaper than it will be on March 1st. Get some for the season. 2.5 Gallon containers = $44.88 and 30 gallon drum = $419.88.
  8. Manufacturer Representatives – Each of our stores will have representatives from our manufacturers on hand for you to ask questions, kick tires, help provide demo opportunities.
  9. New Products available. Howard Brothers is always on the cutting edge of new technology and equipment for our customers and for the landscaping industry. Come by and check out some of the new products that we’re starting to sell and will make your workday easier. (Have you seen the Stinger Go Barrow 9000?!)
  10. Food and a Shirt – We’ve been feeding people for every Pro Day / Sales Event from the beginning. Come and grab a chicken sandwich or two during lunch. Come early and grab a donut. Come late and take home dinner for your family. We like to eat. We may as well break bread together on March 1st. Regarding the shirts…OK, I get it. We all have WAY too many shirts that we will never wear, but we have a special shirt for this event that we’ll be giving away. Get in early and pick up a shirt. Wear if forever.

We have more brands than ever and more locations than ever. 2017 is already looking like it will be a fantastic year for landscapers in Atlanta. Fescue grass is already greening up and we’re already getting more homeowners looking at updating their equipment.

Now is the best time to Gear Up for Spring! Get your list of what you need, and we’ll see you on March 1st!


Honda Mowers – Spring Tune Up

Update: 3/1/17

This Spring Tune Up was only available in the month of February 2017. We’d love to help you though. Give one of our service centers a call and let us get your equipment back in order!


So, for the past 3 years, we’ve tried to make it extremely easy for Honda Lawn Mower owners to get their mowers serviced and prepared for spring. The past 3 years, we offered a program called Service While You Wait. It allowed you to prepay and schedule your appointment for your mower. Bring it into the store and you’d be leaving 20-30 minutes later with a mower which is properly serviced and ready to go for spring.

But let’s face it, Atlantans don’t think about their mowers until it is time to cut grass for the first time. We’ve tried to make it easy and tried to get people to think about it… and while we DID see a few more folks than normal use the service, it still didn’t bring the masses like we hoped.

So we stepped back and thought. What is keeping Honda Mower owners from making the investment to keep their mower running like new. How can we get people to plan ahead and get their mowers ready before the rush that happens every year in spring?

So, We’re eliminating the Service While You Wait program.

BUT… We’re replacing it with something we think is better.

We’re offering Free Local Pickup and Delivery of all Honda Lawn Mowers in our delivery zones during the Month of February!

Yes, you can still bring in your mower if you really want, but we’re offering to come pickup and deliver it back to you for free!

Get your Honda mower ready for spring. Beat the crowds, save time, and save money too. Your Honda Mower needs a regular tune-up appointment.

Fill out the Form Below, and one of our service associates will call you to schedule a pickup time that works for you. 

Promotion includes parts and labor:

  • Replace Spark Plug
  • Clean and/or replace Air Filter
  • Change Oil
  • Replace fuel with fresh “Ethanol Shield” treated fuel
  • Sharpen blade or replace those displaying 50% wear
  • Inspect and advise of any potential repair concerns

All this for $79.99

You MUST sign up by February 28th to get this offer!

Schedule Your Lawn Mower Tune-Up Appointment Below:

Remember, this is a pre-season tune-up preventive maintenance promotion only. Any repairs needed, not falling under the guidelines of this promotion, must be checked in and processed through our normal repair procedures and guidelines.

Mower Repairs Requiring Additional Time, Parts and Labor:

  • Starter Recoil
  • Carburetor Cleaning resulting from stale fuel
  • Transmission and/or blade belt replacement
  • Tire and/or wheel replacement
  • Other

Walker Mowers featured on Manufacturing Marvels

In case you missed it, Manufacturing Marvels from FOX Business News did a piece which featured Walker Mowers and we could not be more proud. Check it out for yourself:

We aren’t kidding when we say we partner with the TOP brands. Walker Mowers is always looking on how to improve which is why they are successful in delivering high end, compact, and easy to use products.

Apparently we weren’t the only fans of seeing our partners do well, the Facebook post was well received by Walker Mower’s audience with many words of encouragement. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and hit like for more news about our Howard Brother’s locations and partner companies!