Tony Stewart Relies on Speed and Performance

No Surprise

Tony Stewart is a former professional race car driver and a NASCAR team owner. He is a champion driver who has won the series NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 3 different times! It’s safe to say that Stewart, likes to go fast. So what’s fastest mower to get the job done, right? A Dixie Chopper. They are makers of the World’s Fastest Lawn Mower. It’s no wonder Tony Stewart has been a long time customer.

Although speed is important, you need more than just speed in order to win a race. Your car also needs to include reliability and extremely high performance. Just like his race cars, Tony trusts his Dixie Chopper mower will include speed, reliability, and high performance. Now that he’s retired, Stewart enjoys maintaining his 414 acres of land in Indiana in beautiful conditions. 

Be sure to check out the video below to see for yourself why Tony chooses Dixie Chopper. Howard Brother’s is happy to be a Dixie Chopper partner. You can click here to view the Dixie Choppers we have in stock. 

Join Howard Brother’s for Delicious Demos!

Delicious Demos

What better way to learn how to use a grill than to have someone at your local Howard Brother’s location demonstrate, with tasty recipes and free food? Oh right, there is no better way. Just about every week, one of our stores will host delicious demos for you to come and learn best grilling practices as well as easy to make recipes. So, you’ll also get the chance to ask any questions face to face. We will gladly answer them for you. Whether you prefer a Big Green Egg grill or a Traeger, we all love to come together when there’s food involved! Or FREE FOOD, we should say.

Don’t be shy, join us

Come and check us out, we love interacting with our communities. We will have our next big demonstration on Saturday, June 10th at our Oakwood location, join us! If you haven’t already, be sure to like your local Howard Brother’s page on Facebook! We will be sure to update you on any upcoming delicious demos so you can join in on the fun.

If you have any questions, just drop it below in the comments! We’re happy to receive any recipe suggestions.

New Traeger Timberline Grills

Traeger Grills recently released a brand new series and it is the most innovative grill you’ve seen so far, the Traeger Timberline. Take a look for yourself:


Traeger Timberline is the most advanced grill yet can, primarily for these two categories: its design and smart features such as WiFire technology and Super Smoke mode.


Superior Structure

Traeger grills took the time to meet and cook with some of the top culinary professionals and beginners to get feedback on what makes a good grill. Their dedication certainly paid off and their engineers were able to create a grill that includes:

  • Double-wall, commercial-grade stainless steel interior
  • Airtight lid gasket to maintain temperatures and keep your wood-fired heat where it’s meant to be
  • New pill-shaped barrel with enough space for a three-tier grill grate system

This new Timberline and it’s added features ensure your food will be hot and delicious whether you grill, smoke, sear, bake, roast, braise, or BBQ. No other grill is as versatile.


Smart Features

One of Traeger Timberline’s new features include the WiFire Technology. WiFire gives you the the ability to change the temperature AND set timers all from your phone or tablet through the Traeger app. This definitely gives you more control, who wouldn’t want that? But one of the bigger perks to the app is having access to an entire new Traeger community. You can be inspired to try delicious new recipes, shop for accessories and just connect to the community.

The Timberline’s patent pending approach to Smoke Science creates and circulates pure, blue smoke. This ensures your food receives only the finest hardwood flavor, all with the push of one button.


To learn more about the Traeger Timberline be sure to check out their site. Traeger is always looking for ways to improve your grilling experience and we are proud to partner with them. Be sure to check out what Traeger grills Howard Brother’s has in stock.

Capture the Colors of Your World


The shade of green that your grass is certainly differs from the green in your morning Starbucks coffee. As does the yellow yield light that you speed past to get to work from that weird yellow stain on your waiter’s shirt. Every different shade has a different personal association attached to it. So why not capture the colors with beautiful memories attached to them right into your own home?
Tools such as Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture app make it easy for you to capture the colors of the world easily right from your smart phone! All you do is snap a picture, upload it, and the app will automatically give you the name, style, and number of the paints that captures that hue. Perfect! Now matching Iron Man’s right shade of red and gold for your son’s room is a piece of cake. Or maybe those beautiful yet tasty, little macaroons that you love so much because they remind you of your honeymoon in France are the perfect colors for the guest bedroom.
Whatever the memory, we’re sure there’s a color that stands out when you look back and reminisce. Be sure to capture the colors that’s will fill you with emotion.