A College Football Coaching Legend is Now Part of the Exmark and Howard Brothers Team


Join landscape designer and Dream Yards host Jane Waldrop for a tour of Coach Vince Dooley’s iconic Athens, GA gardens.

Coach Dooley is known for his love of football; since his time as a coach, he has traded the gridiron for the garden. He dabbled in gardening while he was coaching, but his dedication to the garden took off when he went to horticulture classes in retirement. From that point on, Coach Dooley was bitten by the bug and has since expanded his dream garden.

Coach Dooley and his wife have different parts of the yard that are their favorites when spending time outdoors. His wife likes the new back porch to sit and enjoy nature. While Coach Dooley takes strolls through the yard that leads to a creek with weeping plants. The Dooley's garden not only shows their love for the outdoors but also reflects their values on family togetherness. Nothing makes them happier than having their family enjoy the garden and reminiscing about moments in the yard while growing up.

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