April 2015 True Value Bargains of the Month Part Deux

Oh no. I just realized that we left off 3 of the True Value Bargains of the Month from our post from yesterday. Apparently, True Value decided to throw a curveball this month (see that baseball analogy I just threw in there) and double the items that are special bargain of the month items this month.

Check out the post from yesterday if you happened upon this post without having any idea what I am talking about.

Here are the forgotten three.

 True Value Bargain of the Month April 2015 SprayerGreen Thumb 2 Gallon Light Duty Pump Sprayer

You have your favorite sprayer. One you baby. You clean all the tips and seals and nooks and crevices after each application. This thing has been with you for years. You’ve killed many a fire ants and grubs and slayed weeds galore with this thing.

Then there is that other sprayer.

The light weight sprayer that you bought last season because you knew that you’d abuse it. You were putting some chemicals in there that you knew were gonna wreak havoc on the o-rings, and seals. No after use bath was gonna help it. And there it sits. You’re afraid to even think about using it this season. You know that with one pull of the pressurizing plunger… it will fall apart.

Time to get you a new backup sprayer.

This 2 gallon light duty sprayer from GreenThumb is just what the doctor ordered. For 9.99 you’ll have another throw away style sprayer that will do the gross work for your this year, while your nice and favorite sprayer continues to get the cushy jobs.

Don’t abuse your nice sprayer.

Apr15 043 BOM Digital Ad 3 - 1000-Lumen LED Flashlight (1)RAYZ 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight

Yeah… I’m not a big fan of the compact fluorescent and LED lightbulb crazy. Give me my tried and true incandescent bulbs and let me pay less for them while keeping my house lit.

But when it comes to my flashlights… I LOVE LED.

It is amazing how far and fast Flashlight LED technology has come. These things are crazy bright and the price is unbelievable affordable.

Remember when MagLites were the way to go? No more.

Pick up this 1000 Lumen LED flashlight that actually has a zoom feature for tighter beam for only 19.99

Check out that! I spelt Fluorescent and Incandescent correctly in the same post. Not sure I got MagLite right though. Could be a GH in there somewhere.

Apr15 043 BOM Digital Ad 1 - Lopper Pruner Set (1)2 Piece Fiskars Lopper / Pruner Tool Set

Quit borrowing your neighbor’s loppers. He has a Fiskars. You love the Fiskars. You keep borrowing his stuff. Get your own stuff and let the neighbor on the other side of you be envious of you both.

Fiskars brands make GREAT cutting products. This Pruner and Lopper set is great for most tasks around your yard. Pruning and trimming of small limbs will be easily accomplished with these products. For less that $20 you’ll have confidence to tackle the pruning job that your wife has been asking you to tackle.

19.97. That’s a great deal.

One that I promise will sell out quickly. Get them while supplies last.

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