April 2015 True Value Bargains of the Month

True Value Bargain of the Month April 2015 OilQuaker State Motor Oil

The first Bargain of the Month for April is Quaker State Motor Oil. You can get this bargain for 2.99 a quart while supplies last. We’re daring you to try out Quaker State and see if your car or possiblly even your small engine likes Quaker State better than other brands. We dare you to get down here before we sell out. We also dare you to change your own oil. Sure, you can get a competent mechanic to do it for you for a relatively low price, but we think you can do it. At this price, it’s worth a shot.  We are here for you. Think of the thrill of accomplishment you will have when you change your own oil.

True Value Bargain of the Month April 2015 Grill Brush

Grill Zone Long Handle Grill Brush

The next bargain is a long handle grill brush from Grill Zone for only 4.99. It is time for us to have a talk. Take a look at your grill. You see that carbon and burnt meat built up on the grill from your last cookout… That does not make the meat taste better leaving that on. Stop telling yourself it does.

Use this brush and scrape that grill clean before putting the burgers, dogs, and ribs on. It needs to be done and we are offering you the tool to do it right. You can’t beat the price. Try out this brush for 4.99 and then see how much better your food tastes when the cooking surface is clean.

True Value Bargain of the Month April 2015 miracle gro garden soilMiracle Gro Garden Soil

Our final bargain for April is a bag Miracle Grow Garden Soil… a whole cubic foot. And get this. The price is 3.99 plus an additional 1.00 mail in rebate bring your price to 2.99. We’re serious about saving you money on this bag of dirt. I know you are thinking that we’re just trying to sell you a bag of dirt and make it sound like a deal and we are. This is Miracle Grow. It is perfect for flowers and vegetables and has what you need to give your green thumb a helping hand. We would not lie to you about how awesome this bag of dirt is.

Dirt. For $2.99!

We know we have been tough on you. We are daring you to change your oil and then making you nervous that supplies won’t last. We called you out on not cleaning your grill. We may have even insulted the dirt at your house by saying it is not as good as our bag of Miracle grow dirt. Well, it’s not and we both know it. These bargains are for your own good and I think in time you will realize that and thank us for it. You’ll probably even invite us over for a great tasting burger off your clean grill as we look at the beautiful flowers. That offer to recycle your oil is still on the table, buddy.

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