April Fools at the Hardware Store

Tomorrow is April Fools Day. While pranks are normally less physical in nature on April 1st and more ‘psychological,’ there are some GREAT pranks that originate at Hardware Stores. We hope that you are playing nicely today with all the April Foolery going on. If you need any hard to find hardware related pranking supplies, make sure to stop by one of our stores in Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood.

Just watch out for our Snake Cooler.

Here are some pranks that we think you’d have some fun with. We’ve got most of this stuff to make it happen.

Play nicely!

Rapid Toilet Paper Dispenser Prank

Here’s how to pull it off.

Car For Sale Prank

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.35.33 PM

Cheap but effective. Grab a for sale sign and choose a victim.

Pranks with Rope

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.46.52 PM

Perhaps your co-worker would like to work from an elevated desk. We’ve got lots of rope and bungie cords to make something like this happen.

Oh there are tons of other ideas you can get from a Hardware store. You might not get a lot of work done, but call it office/team bonding and you’ll probably be OK.

Share with us some of your fun.


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