Are you Subscribed to Emails from True Value?

Hopefully, you are following us on the various social media platforms such as twitter and facebook. Hopefully you are subscribed to our RSS feed and are also subscribed to our email newsletter list. Why? Because we feel like we send out information that is both fun and relevant.

But I want to take a moment and encourage you to subscribe to True Value’s Email List.

True Value Email Subscribe
Subscribe to True Value’s Email list

From True Value, you’re gonna get regular deals that we actually don’t offer directly to our customers. They send out coupons and deals all the time that our regular customers could take advantage of if they only knew.

It is very easy.

  1. Go visit True Value’s website.
  2. Click on the “Get Special Offers, Tips and Advice” button in the top right corner just above the search box.
  3. Give your email address and name and click “enter”

As an email subscriber, you will receive:

  • Exclusive in-store offers and online-only coupons
  • Money-saving coupons
  • Helpful project tips and advice

At Howard Brothers, we are passionate about exceeding your expectations. While we’ve changed over the years with the communities that we are deeply committed to, we still believe in helping our hardware customers find the products they need and give them the assistance to complete the project successfully. We’re in it together with you and can’t wait for you to share your wins with us. We’ll celebrate with you.






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