August 2012 True Value Bargains of the Month

Another month has come and gone. It is now August and that means that there is another batch of items on sale from True Value. Are you ready for this month’s Bargains of the Month?

I’ve been trying to think up a creative way to order these items. Some months, they seque into each other a lot easier… but these three have almost NOTHING similar. Here goes nothing.

The first item that is on sale is a 17pc Tie Down Kit on sale for only $9.99. This is a very nice deal. I used to stop on the side of the road and play frogger when I saw a ratchet tie down strap that was sitting in the road. At this price, I may pick up a couple kits. Never know when you could need to secure something down.The kit includes ratchet and cambuckle tie downs, poly rope plus bungee cords in assorted sizes.

The second item, which has nothing to do with the first is a 2pk of Wasp and Hornet Killer. Don’t play around when you need to take down some wasps that are hanging out at your house. These RAID brand 14oz sprayers will shoot up to 25 feet away and has the ingredients to kill the entire nest. $5.97 for a 2pk is a GREAT deal. Get a pack and keep them even if you don’t have any active nests in view.

The last item, which again… is not like the others, is an either this or that item. You can get a 12pk bath tissue from Angel Soft for $4.99. You can also get 6 rolls of Sparkle Paper Towels for $4.99. These paper products are 2 ply so you’re not getting the cheap stuff. You’ll be able to get quality products at the cheap price. Whenever these products go on sale, they tend to fly off the shelf. While Supplies last, so get in soon.


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