August 2017 Bargains of the Month

August is here and that means school is back in session! Summer may be coming to an end but don’t worry, the heat and humidity will still be here for a few more weeks. What better way to kick off August than with our favorite time of the month, Bargains of the Month! Obviously you’ll want to get your kids back to school shopping done, but you can’t forget about these special sale items:

8pk. AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries OR 4pk. C, D or 2pk. gV Alkaline Batteries

If you can’t remember the last time you bought batteries, chances are it’s been so long that you either don’t have spares or the ones you do have are expired. No worries, we’ve got you covered with August Bargains of the Month. You can either get the 8 pack for $6.99 or the 4 pack for $7.99. Whichever you choose you’re saving from the original price of $8.99 and $9.99. New Duracell Duraclock technology allow the batteries to stay fresh in the package for 10 years so you are covered!

47lb. Dry Dog Food

Spoil your pup with Purina’s  Alpo Prime Cuts Dry Dog Food! This 47 lb. dry dog food has a savory beef flavor dogs love AND crave. Our pets are part of the family so why not give them food they’ll love. Alpo Prime Cuts is 100% complete and balanced supply of supply of vitamins, minerals and nutrients makes it everything your dog needs to stay healthy and strong. It even comes in fun shapes dogs love sinking their teeth into. Originally priced at $23.99, you can have it for $19.99, this 47 pound bag is sure to last.


Qt. Motor Oil

Okay we’ll be honest, in the middle of back to school shopping we understand motor oil is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. But here’s the thing, we have any variety of Penzoil Motor oil (whether it’s 10W-30/5AE30/10W-40/5W-30) on sale for only $2.99! That’s less than 5 dollars and it could come in handy at any time.




2ft. Aluminum Type 1A Stepladder

With this little step ladder, repainting the kitchen or your bedroom is no difficult task! Once priced at $36.99, you can take it home for just $24.99! Since it’s smaller than a regular ladder, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself too bad in the case you did fall off and it includes safety features. Take a look at the product descriptions below:

  • 2-Ft., Aluminum
  • Type IA Step Ladder,
  • 300-Lb. Duty Rating
  • Sturdy Black Molded Plastic Platform Top
  • Slip Resistant Feet
  • Pinch Resistant Spreader Braces
  • Reinforced Bottom Brac
  • Meets OSHA, CSA, & ANSI Standards,


6ft., 3- Outlet Surge Strip with USB



With the technological world we live in today, it’s no wonder that we feel there are never enough outlets! That’s where our next item on the list comes in to play. This 6ft. outlet gives you more outlets while expanding reach. Here are more details:

  • 6′, White/Silver Fabric Covered Cord,
  • Right Angle Plug
  • 2 USB Ports 2.4A
  • 3 Grounded Outlets
  • 300 Joules
  • Surge Protection

2pk., 4oz. Wasp and Hornet Killer 

Wasps and hornets are a nuisance, we know. They are bumblebee’s lazy and aggressive cousins. Don’t let yourself be bullied by them and protect yourself wth Raid’s Wasp and Hornet Killer! Raid’s 14 oz  Wasp & Hornet Killer aerosol kills wasps & hornets on contact from just  25 inches in seconds!  It also kills wasps and hornets that return to the nest and all larvae and pupae in nest.




Come on in and we’ll happily direct you to these items! We’re always happy to help. Visit us at any of our hardware stores in Duluth, Doraville, and Oakwood!

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