Aura Bath & Spa Paint by Benjamin Moore – Is It Still Paint?

Getting a job done the right way is always something that I hold in the utmost respect.

It means that I don’t have to worry about it, I get to check it off the To-Do List forever. I like that a lot.

Benjamin Moore has worked hard to make their paint right so that you can do the job right, and their Aura Bath & Spa Paint is designed to do just that.

Aura Bath & Spa Paint by Benjamin Moore is designed for some of the “problem areas” in a house, namely any rooms that are prone to mold and mildew damage – inside or out.

More than that, though… is the look. I mean, you care about the mildew resistance and want a paint that will fight mold… but when you’re thinking of repainting your bathroom, you’re probably thinking MORE about the color and the look when your project is done.

In the past, only glossier sheen paints were recommended for high moisture areas like bathrooms for their durability and easy-to-clean coatings. Now you can get these same benefits in a beautiful matte finish with Aura Bath & Spa paint.

That sounds like a job done right in my book.

You can pick up Aura Interior Paint at either our Duluth or Oakwood Locations. Our helpful employees at both of those locations are able to mix and match your perfect color to your liking.

When Benjamin Moore brings out a paint that can have Color Lock Technology, Seamless Touch-Up, and Two-Coat Application, it definitely pushes the boundaries of your everyday paint. you have to ask yourself, is it still paint?

We honestly don’t know, but we do know it does the job right.

Is it still Paint - Benjamin Moore - Bath & Spa Paint

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