Ball Field Makeover

Along with Synovus and 680 The Fan, we are all partnering to help restore an Atlanta-Area School Athletic Field. If you are aware of a school whose ball field could use some renovations, nominate it by filling out and submitting the form on 680thefan.com. Nominations will be accepted from June 4th-24th. Once they’re collected, we’ll select the finalists, have a final vote, and announce the winning school on July 9th. From July 13th-16th volunteers from Synovus, 680 The Fan, and our folks from Howard Brothers will renovate and repair the winning school’s field.

Howard Brother’s Ventrac Salesrep, Thad Pate recently renovated a ball field that had been neglected and needed some love. In a matter of hours, he and his Ventrac transformed this ball field into a very nice playing/practice field. Your field could be next!

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