Bargains of the Month – November 2016

November is upon us! We’re all excited for the holiday season around the corner, and we’re looking forward to starting the Countdown to Christmas next month. That being the case, we know there is also a ‘Countdown to Christmas Decorations’ followed closely by the ‘Countdown to it Being Socially Acceptable to Blast Christmas Music’. In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for Top 40 and Dental Care Ads on the Radio.

Also, we can start cleaning up our disfigured Jack O’Lanterns and start scraping Snickers wrappers off of our doorsteps. Halloween is freshly over and we can finally indulge in all of the candy your children thought was for them.

With Thanksgiving on the way, fun family times are a’comin’ and you’ll need to be prepared for the impending passive aggression, and seating for about 20. Tables, chairs, placemats, doilies, the whole lot are necessary for a prepared house in this time of much eating.

These Bargains of the Month reflect preparedness – as they usually do. Here they are:

image-11 Gal. Master Mechanic Bar and Chain Oil

Before Winter hits, trimming down some limbs and trees could be on your to-do list. Making sure that your chainsaw is going to be ready for use or long storage is always important, because a failed chainsaw is no fun situation.

Making sure that your chains are properly lubricated is a must in any situation, from resisting sap build-up to keeping the gears pliable and moving freely. Storage is also safer as moisture will be deterred by the oil mix.

Keep some on hand for when you really need it.

Right now – and through the month – you can pick up a gallon for only $4.99.

image-318 in. x 28 in. Natural Coir Door Mat

After doing anything with oil or being outdoors, you need to make sure that you don’t bother the ole’ spouse with some muddy footprints and spare crinkled leaves from the most recent trip.

Nothing is better for that than having your holiday spirit let loose all over something you step on every day.

For that, we have our Winter and Holiday Themed Door Mats of your choice for $9.99. Come pick one up so you can drop it right before you enter your house.

image-5200-Ct. Mini LED Light Reel

As we get into the season of ‘Winter Wonderland’, us Georgians have to make up for the lack of ‘glistening snow’ with expansive light shows and trimmed door frames.

To do that, you need the heavy duty stuff. We have the heavy duty stuff.

When boxes of 40-50 lights go out of stock at the nearest Big-Box store, we have the neighbor-shaming, electric bill increasing, shiny new light rolls for the prepared hardcore decorator.

$14.99 is a steal for Weapons of Mass Holly and Cheer.


image-240-Lb. Bag Wild Bird Food or 20-Lb. Bag Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed

Since we’re getting into the season of giving, how better to start than taking care of our tree’s inhabitants? You might need to borrow some of that landscape for the light-hanging and making sure it’s good with our feathered friends is a good call.

The birds are having a hard time finding food now that the Fall is upon us, and it’s not too hard to help them out and be a good neighbor. Plus, they’ll come out to see you more.

$9.99 for either bag, both will last a long time through the rough cold.

image3 Step Fiberglass Type II Platform Ladder

Now that you’ve got the lights ready and the neighbors pacified, it’s time to get those lights up. Then you remember that you’re not quite 6′, and that is a problem when the fence is 7′.

You need something strong and light to haul all around your yard, and this is just the thing.

The fiberglass construction makes hauling it easy, and the extra few feet to your God-given height will be a necessary addition; it’s yours for $49.99 after a $10 mail-in rebate.

image-46′ Deluxe Folding Banquet Table and All Steel Black Folding Chair

Now that you’ve got the outside decorated and the yard fixed up, it’s time to prepare for the impending familial responsibilities.

You’ve got a house to fill with everything from weird uncles to rambunctious kids. That means you’re going to need some seating and a whole lot of room.

What better way to fill the space than with something you can pull out and put up in a spare closet? With foldable tables spanning 3 people per side, and All Steel Folding Chairs to complete the entire thing; that’s a recipe for success.

Tables are on sale for $34.99 and Chairs are on sale for $9.99. Both are foldable and will make your life a whole lot easier.

Come check out our Bargains for November at our Doraville, Duluth, or Oakwood stores; We’ll help you find them and make sure you’re set for the Season to come!

In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving.


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