Bargains Of The Month: October 2016

Well, October is here and Fall is following suit, which is quite a surprise after an interesting weekend at the Duluth Fall Festival where we had 5 or 6 festival-goers pass out from heat exhaustion. They claimed it was the hottest Fall Festival in 34 Years of existence, and after 12 hours in the Sun, we all believed it.

Regardless, the weekend following has definitely been showing up and making the temperature drop known. A couple of days of temperate behavior are sure to turn into half-past freezing after a brief recess. It’s appreciated nevertheless.

Back to Business.

Well, it’s fall. Things change, and we have just the stuff for you to get ready.

Kidde Digital Battery-Operated Carbon-Monoxide Alarm or Fire Alarmkiddecmalarm

Not messing around here, having a Carbon Monoxide Alarm is very important for houses. All Houses. (oh and you have some in your business too, right?)

Usually with these deals I’m a more light-hearted writer that just wants to inform about the products and grab a few laughs. I’m taking a brief hiatus to say that this is can be a life-saving appliance.

Carbon Monoxide can be produced from faulty heating units and is odorless and colorless. It is also a lethal toxin. If you don’t have one then please pick one up. They’re battery powered, inexpensive, and compact. It only makes sense.

Thank you for reading my spiel. They’re only $19.99 for either the Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Grab 1 or multiple.

36-Ct. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and 12.5 oz. Spray Comblysolcomboo

After our little serious endeavor, we can go ahead and start from a clean slate…

*Buht Um Tsss*

Lysol Wipes. We all need ‘em. They make the rocking world go clean.

Go ahead and clean up some surfaces before the cold makes you lose all feeling in your limbs and fingers. It’s not fun. Plus the spray comes with it!

A nice combo that everyone knows for only $5.97?  Deal.

8-lb. Bag of Birders’ Blood Premium Bird Food or 20-lb. Wild Bird Foodtvbirdfood

With times getting colder, we have to think of our musical neighbors that deserve a helping hand. After some serenades into our morning commute, the performers could use a couple of tips.

As we all know, everyone gotta eat. Therefore, stock up on some of this bird food and help a brother out. They’ll stay around a little bit longer and definitely be grateful.

Our fun friends’ month-long meal is only $4.99 a pop. Treat yo’ birds.

4-Pack of Long Life Light Bulbs4packbulbs

Along with the cold this Fall, we can also expect a lot less light with the shorter days. With more use of interior lighting, it’s about time to fix that light bulb in the bathroom you’ve been ignoring for the last 4 months.

Light bulbs are always something to have on hand, so save while you can! We have many different varieties for all applications of regular bulbs.

All varieties are available at $5.99 a pack!

1 Qt. of Pennzoil Motor Oilpnzoil

As we always say, regular maintenance is preventative maintenance, and regular oil changes become even more important when the lower temperatures start making a move on your engine block.

We like your things to run. Don’t get me wrong, we love to fix your stuff, but happy customers are our main goal. Take it from us, we love seeing your face, but we like to see it smiling too.

$2.99 a Pop. Whoop!

40-lb. Morton System Saver II Water-Softening Pelletsmortonwatersoftener

  • For use with most water softeners
  • High purity salt pellets with resin cleaning additives
  • Helps to extend the life of your water softener
  • Helps fight mineral build-up and prevent bridging, mushing and channeling
  • Designed to eliminate softener brine tank clean-out

A 40lb bag is on sale for $5.99. All month long.

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