Bargains of the Month: September 2016

Ah, Fall. Fall is coming/among us – depending on when you read this. For us Georgians, this means cold is coming, and quick. In the meantime you’ll be scouring our stores for some rakes, gloves, boots, and blowers to keep you and your lawn ready for nature’s changing season.

We all know the crunchy sound of the leaves from when we would walk through the woods as a kid with our puffed-out vests and a half-soaked stick in our right hand. From the occasional Red Cardinal to the times we thought we could chase squirrels, it was always more fun to adventure with the temperature lower than a solid 84 Degrees.

Even so, the cold has never been high on my list of favorites, and I feel as if many others around me share the same opinion. It just gets everywhere and you can’t get rid of it without very specific equipment: a fireplace, a Central Heating Unit, or a cuddle-some dog that is slightly heavier than you’d want in your lap.

Even if we don’t carry those things specifically, we have some of the other stuff you’re going to need to maintain, use, and make sure you’re not freezing underneath those boots that just came back into season.

Camco -50° RV Antifreeze and Ethanol Blend – Gallon Jugs850543

First on the list is making sure that your precious RV is taken care of. Whether you’ve been spending the entire summer on the road, or are about to head out on a grand adventure, you want to make sure that the pipes and engine will make it through the cold times.

With these jugs you’re getting into that regular preventative maintenance we always talk about. Frozen valves make for a bad time, and fixing them is an even worse time.

We have both Antifreeze and an Ethanol Blend for whatever you might need. Antifreeze is 2 Gallons for $7 and Ethanol Blend is 2 for $5, just come down a grab some.

1.1 Gallon RTU Home Defense Max Insect KillerOrthoInsectKiller

With every winter, you can sometimes forget that everyone wants to be warm, including some of the more invasive neighbors around us.

Those neighbors being bugs. Lots of bugs.

Now we all know that a couple of bugs is nothing to fret over, but the entrance into houses during the winter is more of a Mass Exodus from the yard and a Genesis of Ant-Ridden Sugary Cereals. Not exactly the extra protein you needed.

Breakfast: It’s the most important meal of the day. Take care of it. Grab a bottle for $11.99 with an extra $2 Mail-In Rebate.

Touch ‘n Foam Spray Sealantsen_31_sealants

After you push back the enemy of your estate, it’s time to tend to the wounds of battle. That’s why you need yourself some Touch ‘n Foam Sealant in your life. As everyone is getting colder, some people might be very tempted to crank that heat up like a hit single from 2007. Your wallet’s had enough heartache, give it some rest for once.

These cans of Spray Sealant can be bought in a multitude of fashions to defend any part of the house. From pipes to cross beams to windows and doors, Touch ‘n Foam will reinforce the heat leaks and seal in the warm feeling of security for only $3.99 a pop.

Energizer Vision 80-Lumin LED Headlight.headlight

This one will be quick. Looking around to spray your Touch ‘n Foam Spray Sealant in the attic? It’s dark, but it doesn’t have to be.

Simple head lamp that’ll last forever with LED bulbs and a handy head strap.

On sale for $9.99 this month.

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4.75 Gallon of Drive-Kote 500DriveKote

While the temperature is getting colder, we know the cold comes in quick, and with a vengeance. From Summer to Fall, it goes from Blazing Humidity to Unexplored Tundra after 4 days of peaceful Mediterranean Tranquility. The metaphors are crazy with this one.

That being said, any outdoor repairs should be done before you lose feeling in your fingers. All of those potholes in that driveway could definitely use some attention, and you don’t want to lose it to the deep, dark depths of the “Honey, can you…?” list.

This Filler is guaranteed for 5 years and is a mere $15.99. Crazy right?

Weiman 30-Ct. Cleaning Wipes – Of an Awesome Assortment

Weiman Cleaning Wipes Assortment
Weiman Cleaning Wipes Assortment

As always, we usually end the bargains of the month with a tiny little reminder that cleanup afterwards is a must for a happy marriage.

With these Cleaning Wipes, you have an easy way to keep some around the house whenever that times comes. Maybe you haven’t been detailing the kitchen as much as the ’71 Camaro project that you may or may not actually get running sometime soon. $7 for 2, you can easily grab the entire collection, or stock up on of those “problem areas”.

Hope you had a great Summer, here’s to a great Fall.


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