Benjamin Moore Arborcoat® Stain – Is It Still Stain?

Porches are a staple of any Southern Household. They hold the best friends, grills, and times from about May to August every year. They hold the necessities for a good barbecue or a family birthday party while the kids play down below. They’re almost part of the family.

At the same time, they take a beating from Georgia’s hot summers, raining streaks, and cold winters. We’ve all bore witness to some decks that have been.. erm… well-loved? Thoroughly used? It ain’t pretty.

That being said, you get to keep your porch a lot longer when you take care and protect it; Benjamin Moore has just the thing:

Arborcoat Exterior Stain.

Like everything else that Benjamin Moore produces, Arborcoat pushes the boundaries of “paint” – quotations for effect – and shows real durability. This stain is designed to withstand anything you throw at it: heat, rain, kids, life, etc., you know, the difficult stuff?

Check out the video for it if you want to see for yourself:

They make the good stuff.

The Exterior Stain can be found in Translucent, Solid Color, or Clear Coat at either our Duluth or Oakwood Stores. We can give you professional advice on application and the best product for your needs. Whether you want to have a uniform color across the wood, or accentuate the

We do have to ask though, when you have a stain that resists mildew, handles heat, and welcomes cold, Is It still Stain?

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