Big Green Egg – We Deliver

We have already begun to field phone calls from folks who are looking for the best price on Big Green Eggs and Eggcessories in the Atlanta area. They’re planning Thanksgiving and Christmas purchases a tad earlier this year. We like that.

Last year we sent out a creative card from Santa that was a “Letter to Santa” that read:

Dear Santa,

I really want a Big Green Egg for Christmas. I’m sure you’ve seen the one that the Jones family has when you land on their roof. They got their egg from Howard Brothers. Don’t worry about sending your little elves, because I understand that Howard brothers will deliver it themselves.

You might want to check out their website and give them a call for pricing and availability on Big Green Eggs and Eggcessories.

– George Smith

PS. If you’re busy, just remind my wife that this is what I really want.

Well, since we’re beginning to field inquiries about deliver this year, we figured we’d put it out there. Let us know if delivery is something that you’d like to schedule. Depending on our schedule, and how far away you are, we can give you a reasonable price and deal.

Think about how cool it would be for that special someone to have an Egg waiting for him or her when they get home!

Big Green Egg Delivery Atlanta

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