Bonide DuraTurf Lawn Care Products

It looks like we may be done with the cold weather. This weekend we literally will spring forward into spring with the time change, and with it, hopefully we can turn our eyes to the work in the yard.

If you haven’t gotten into a lawn schedule in Atlanta, now is the time. You should be thinking about pre-emergents. Don’t miss the opportunity to prevent many of the summer weeds that we get here in the Atlanta and North Georgia area. Killing the weeds as they germinate means that you won’t have to invest as much in weed killers later.

Right now, you should be getting ready to put Crabgrass Preventer down. That is step 1. The best practice is to apply it to the surface when soil temperatures have reached 55 degrees for 3 straight days. What are you doing this weekend?

At Howard Brothers, we have the DuraTurf lawn care products made by Bonide. They have a 4 phase plan to simplify lawn care for everyone.

The DuraTurf 4-phase Lawn Care Program addresses all critical lawn care issues that a consumer is likely to encounter. The program is easy to manage, providing wider application windows than some other “Step” programs. A rainy Saturday or family party won’t mean you misst the optimum time to apply the right product to your lawn.

The result is a superior lawn, free of weeds and insects and nourished with quality fertilizer for a deep green, healthy appearance all season long.

  • Phase 1 – Prevent Crabgrass from starting with Bonide Crabgrass Preventer
  • Phase 2 – Eliminate Lawn Weeds with Bonide Weed & Feed
  • Phase 3 – Kill Lawn Damaging Insects with Bonide Insect & Feed
  • Phase 4 – Prepare for Winter Survival with Bonide Winterizer Fertilizer

We have these 4 steps available now. You can go ahead and pick up enough bags to take care of your entire lawn for the whole year. Pick up the bags now and don’t worry about remembering to go back to the store to pick up the next phase. If you buy all 4 phases at once you will save $35 total.

Let us help you get your yard in shape. We can answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction so that you can have the nicest yard in the neighborhood.

Bonide DuraTurf Lawn Care Products Atlanta Georgia
Bonide DuraTurf Lawn Care Products
Bonide DuraTurf Lawn Care Products Atlanta Georgia
Bonide DuraTurf Lawn Care Products


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