Don't go buy a pocket knife from a Big-box store

Not too long ago if you want a good pocket knife, you had to go to a hardware store or a small sporting goods store. This was before you had the “walmarts and costcos” of the world.  For years, one of the most popular brands of knife is called old-timer. People could look at your knife and tell you that it was either a peanut, pen, hunter or jackknife. Overtime, big-box retailers have entered the marketplace and online sales have dominated the niche of pocketknife sales

Younger folks don’t carry knives like they used to. Part of that is because of our nation’s security restrictions, but part of it is because they don’t understand how to use one or why they should have one.

Still I’m amazed at how many people buy a pocket knife from us. It’s a great present for Christmas. It’s a great present for Father’s Day. It’s a great present for birthdays… and knives aren’t just a gift for men anymore. We sell a ton of knives to women too.

In my opinion, pocketknives need to be touched before they are purchased. You need to feel the steel snap into the casing. You need to feel the locking mechanism. You need to see and experience the blade lock into place. You need to smell the casing material and actually feel the knife slip into your front pocket.

It doesn’t matter what brand of knife we sell… they are all displayed. Whether it’s a Case knife or a Buck Knife, Kershaw or Leatherman, Sog or Victorinox knife… We have them available to see, touch, smell and experience.

Don’t go buy a pocket knife from a Big-box store. It doesn’t make sense if you need a knife to open up the package the knife is packaged in the first place. If you buy from Howard Brothers or any hardware store, for that matter you can walk out with a knife in your pocket… no need to mess with a plastic clamshell that you have to struggle to open in the first place. They don’t really care about you longterm. That is why they’re only sacrificing that endcap space for one month. They want to capitalize on the quick purchase and know that you’re never gonna come back to them for your knife’s care. We will help you get that knife back into razor sharp condition with some of our DMT Knife sharpening stones.

Okay you can buy a knife online, but do me a favor and touch the knife before you purchase it online… and if you’re going to buy online, you might as well buy a knife from howardbrothers.com 🙂

By the way, all our knives are 20% off for the rest of the year. This is THE time to get that collector’s knife or everyday needed knife that you’ve been eyeing.



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