Capture the Colors of Your World


The shade of green that your grass is certainly differs from the green in your morning Starbucks coffee. As does the yellow yield light that you speed past to get to work from that weird yellow stain on your waiter’s shirt. Every different shade has a different personal association attached to it. So why not capture the colors with beautiful memories attached to them right into your own home?
Tools such as Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture app make it easy for you to capture the colors of the world easily right from your smart phone! All you do is snap a picture, upload it, and the app will automatically give you the name, style, and number of the paints that captures that hue. Perfect! Now matching Iron Man’s right shade of red and gold for your son’s room is a piece of cake. Or maybe those beautiful yet tasty, little macaroons that you love so much because they remind you of your honeymoon in France are the perfect colors for the guest bedroom.
Whatever the memory, we’re sure there’s a color that stands out when you look back and reminisce. Be sure to capture the colors that’s will fill you with emotion.



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