Carhartt Just Shake their Hand

What makes a successful product? What turns you from casual consumer to fan? Dependability and Quality.

Carhartt does a great job marketing their brand, but nothing can compare to the product itself. For those people who regularly wear Carhartt clothing and apparel. Carhartt fans know all about Carhartt’s durability. It is a high quality product with reasonable prices that most folks can afford.

(Sometimes you have to be cautious with this next point, but in addition to durability and quality…over the years, the style and fashion has come a long way too.)

Most of our customers are men and women who work with their hands all day long. They work in tough environments. Many of our landscapers and commercial customers need quality work wear to hold up to the elements of their day.

We sell Carhartt clothing at our Oakwood and Duluth, Georgia locations. We carry Outerwear coats & jackets, shirts, pants & jeans, Bibs & Coveralls, and thermals for both men and women. We are happy to special order from Carhartt for our customers.

This video from Carhartt is for them. Those people who build things and get things done. We rely on them.

That’s a great message. Next time you see someone wearing Carhartt… Just shake their hand.


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