Carhartt Shortages this Winter

Brrr. It’s cold.

We at Howard Brothers are expecting a cold winter and that winter may include some precipitation of the frozen variety. We’re already seeing huge requests for heaters, ice melt, Sleds! and yes, Carhartt Clothing.

10277880_10152486604856339_1815012359189033909_nUnfortunately, we’re discovering that some of the commonly requested Carhartt products (coveralls, thermals, certain coat styles) are already out of stock at Carhartt and may not be available till January or February.

Mostly this is happening because of temperatures up north, but it also is partly related to the lingering cold weather we had last year.

We often get some large orders from companies who want to buy Carhartt coats and jackets for their employees and have then embroidered, but this may be more difficult to fulfill this year.

Carhartt knows cold. And this year is definitely cold. We’re watching our inventory levels and will order as we can. We are happy to verify inventory levels with our stores and with the manufacturer, so if you have any needs, please let us know so that we can be 100% sure of stock on hand.

How’s that Global Warming going?

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