Carry Barrels for Landscapers Construction and Refuse Collection

We have heard the questions over and over. “Where can I get those big green trashcans that I see landscapers use?”

The answer is simple.

We have them.

They’re actually called “Carry Barrels” They’re even trademarked that. The Carry Barrel™ has been the choice of professional landscapers for nearly forty years. They are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Handle
  • Wide Top Opening of Quick, Easy Collection and Dumping
  • Molded of Tough Polyethylene
  • Molded in Steel Top Ring for Extra Strength
  • Ribbed sides for Extra Strength

They are perfect for the leaf collection season that we are entering into. You can even dump grass clippings in this directly from your bag catcher.  We’ve got the 60 gallon barrel at all three locations in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood. They are on sale for $59.99.

Carry Barrel for LandscapersCarry Barrel for Landscapers

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