Congratulations Peachtree Ridge Robolions!

Howard Brothers has been sponsoring the Robolions since 2007. The Robolions are the Peachtree Ridge Highschool Robotics Team. Over the past few years, robotics competitions have become more popular and it is an excellent opportunity for students to combine all types of engineering and creativity skills together to problem solve as a team.   This… Continue Reading Congratulations Peachtree Ridge Robolions!

Peachtree Corners Yard and Garden Expo

Spring has definitely sprung. We’ve been very busy the last two weeks with commercial landscapers and homeowners. We’ve been selling new equipment, selling parts to folks who are fixing up their equipment, and our service departments have been working diligently to get repairs completed so that the equipment can be put to use by all. From the… Continue Reading Peachtree Corners Yard and Garden Expo

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