Traeger Smoke and Tell Cooking Class | June 30th

Grilling brings folks together. It brings your kitchen outdoors and it brings community together. If you have had an opportunity to talk to us at one of our stores or at one of the Duluth Fall Festival’s or other events around town, you probably know that we like to eat. We like to cook out on our Traeger Grills. We like to talk about the food that we ate, and we’re probably planning right now what we’re cooking tonight or this weekend on our grills.

Have you bought a grill and are now thinking, “Now What?” We want to help. On Saturday, June 30th, at our Duluth store, we are having our first ever Traeger Smoke and Tell Cooking Class.

We realize that there are other cooking classes out there which cost $100+ for a few hours taught by a professional chef / personality. We’re not doing this. We are just like you. We work all day long and are tired when we come home. We want easy. We want good food. That’s what we want to share with you.

The class will teach you about trimming, rubbing, injecting and smoking delicious barbecue.  We will be prepping (and then eating already prepared) Beef Brisket, Pork Butt, Ribs, and we’ll even show you how to reverse sear steak on your Traeger. We’re going to show off some of our favorite sides and desserts that can also be cooked on your grill.

Joining us from Southern Meat Co will be Sam Hodge. He’s spent a lifetime learning about meats, their production and the process by which meat gets to your plate. Sam will spend time educating attendees on types of meats and will answer questions you may have.

The cost of this class is $25. There are a limited number of seats. Do not miss it!

Register Here

Duluth Fall Festival Bicycle Rack Project

Every year, the city of Duluth holds a fun family event in the fall. There’s food, games, rides, prizes and an overall great time! Today, the Duluth Fall Festival is one of the most successful festivals in the southeast, with attendance consistently upwards of 100,000. As a business located in Duluth, we take pride in our community and are happy to attend each year. This year, Howard Brother’s donated buckets of paint to the city of Duluth as a way to help the city’s arts programs and decorate Downtown Duluth. Just in time for the Duluth Fall Festival!


What makes these bike racks even more special is that each bike rack is being painted by local artists, including our very own students from the Duluth High School art program. Projects like these help our local artists gain exposure and keep the arts alive to help inspire creativity.  Although Howard Brothers’ Hardware provided all of the paint and paint supplies for the artists, the bike racks were purchased by the Duluth Fall Festival. This is a wonderful example of private partners working with the Duluth Public Art Commission to bring a community together, which is exactly the the type of environment any city aspires to be. 

Although not all bike racks have been installed yet, this project is coming along great.  We took the liberty of taking a field trip to Downtown Duluth to spot the bicycles below:

These beautiful sunflowers are bound to light up anyone’s day

Here’s Sunshine! The Official Festival Scarecrow

Highlighting W.P. Jones Park

And can’t forget the train!

We can’t wait to see all of the finishing touches and are looking forward to attending the Duluth Fall Festival. If you’ve never been before, join in on the fun this year! It will be a fun event for the whole family.

Howard Brothers / Traeger Grills Smoke and Tell Cookout – July 1st Duluth

Our Smoke and Tell at Oakwood on June 10th was so successful, we decided we needed to repeat it on July 1st at our Duluth Store. But we’re going to turn up the heat and add a little more smoke to our menu! vYou’ve seen and heard all about Traeger Grills. Now it’s time to get some food in your belly and get some of those questions answered. You’ll get a full understanding of the versatility and ease that Traeger’s offer.

Traeger representatives will be on hand and you can ask any question about how they work and what we did to prepare the food.

Stop by our Duluth store on Saturday, July 1st 2017 for yummy food.

Howard Brothers Traeger Smoke and Tell


Join Howard Brother’s for Delicious Demos!

Delicious Demos

What better way to learn how to use a grill than to have someone at your local Howard Brother’s location demonstrate, with tasty recipes and free food? Oh right, there is no better way. Just about every week, one of our stores will host delicious demos for you to come and learn best grilling practices as well as easy to make recipes. So, you’ll also get the chance to ask any questions face to face. We will gladly answer them for you. Whether you prefer a Big Green Egg grill or a Traeger, we all love to come together when there’s food involved! Or FREE FOOD, we should say.

Don’t be shy, join us

Come and check us out, we love interacting with our communities. We will have our next big demonstration on Saturday, June 10th at our Oakwood location, join us! If you haven’t already, be sure to like your local Howard Brother’s page on Facebook! We will be sure to update you on any upcoming delicious demos so you can join in on the fun.

If you have any questions, just drop it below in the comments! We’re happy to receive any recipe suggestions.

Political Post? Nah… Let’s Talk BBQ

This morning, a few of us were talking about the craziness that is election politics. It’s been a constant conversation over the past few months, but as we edge closer and closer to November 8th, when we will discover who our next Commander in Chief will be, there is much uncertainty and angst.

But then someone said, let’s make election Tuesday better by cooking out that day!