Ladies Night 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means that our annual Ladies Nights are even closer. What is Ladies Night? We set aside a couple hours to stay open a little later, and make it easy for you to come by and shop our store for friends and family.

This event is so much fun we decided to do it twice!

When and Where

  • November 29th, 2018 Ladies Night in our Oakwood Store from 6:00pm-8:00pm!
    • 4272 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood, GA 30566
  • December 6th, 2018 Ladies Night in our Duluth Store from 6:00pm-8:00pm!
    • 3616 Buford Highway, Duluth, GA 30096


This year, we’ll have some of our popular vendors there such as Traeger, Benjamin Moore, Yeti, Echo, STIHL, and others. PLUS- we’re teaming up with other great vendors in the area just for this event including:

  • LuLaRoe Clothing
  • Premier Designs Jewelry
  • Color Street
  • Norwex
  • DoTerra
  • Pampered Chef
  • Phoenix Roasters Coffee
  • emma j designs
  • chalk couture
  • Lanes BBQ
  • Family Table Brands
  • Socks Love Brands
  • And others

Join the Party!

Be sure to stop by! It’ll be a fun night away from the family to meet new people and find new items. We’re giving out Door Prizes for the first 100 guests! Don’t worry if you’re not one of the first 100 because we’ll still be having prizes every 15 minutes.

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

We’d love to have you come check us out. Save the date and come join the party!

Let us know on our Facebook Event that you’re coming, invite your friends and make it an evening out.


With Christmas looming right around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about Christmas gift shopping for the kids! And what better way to brighten those wide eyes on Christmas morning than a brand new RadioFlyer? They have a vintage look and feel to them which brings so much nostalgia, but your kids will have a blast riding around in the driveway with their new set of wheels.

We’ve set it before and we’ll say it again. At Howard Brothers, we proudly stands behind the products we sell! RadioFlyer takes pride in creating quality products that ensure pure and simple fun for every child. In today’s technology driven world, you’ll find more kids playing indoors on their tablets or smart phones than you’ll find outside making up their own games. It’s important to help drive imagination and creativity. RadioFlyer and Howard Brothers plans to inspire just that.

This Christmas, make sure you stop by Howard Brothers to check out these beautifully crafted bicycles and wagons! They’re so great, EVEN TESLA, has partnered with them to create the first ever Lithium Ion Battery Powered ride for kids!


December 2017 Bargains of the Month

We are excited to bring to you December’s Bargains of the Month! We know you all are busy out doing Christmas shopping and it can get quite pricey. That’s why we want to make sure we informed you of all these great savings on items you might actually need for yourself!

Carbide- Tipped Circular Saw Blades  

For all the crafty individuals and DIY-ers, having a saw blade will come in handy! Whether you’re building a new table or a tree house for the kids, you’ll need reasonably priced saw blades for the job.

Product Description:

  • Product Weight (pounds): 0.58
  • Package dimensions (inches)
  • Length: 0.2
  • Width: 0.18
  • Height: 0.2
  • Hazmat: No
  • Country of Origin: CN

These are usually priced at $5.49 a blade but this month you can have 2 for just 9.99.


2pc 25ft. Measuring Tape

No project is accurate without measuring tape handy. The new year is closer than ever, maybe it’s time to finally take on some new home improvement projects! We’re running a special on tape measures only for December and you’ll be able to buy 2 for only 14.97.

Milwaukee® Magnetic Tape Measures Are Nothing But Heavy Duty®, Using Nylon Bond Blade Protection And A 5-Point Reinforced Frame, They Offer The Longest Life By Resisting Contamination Wear And Increasing Protection When Dropped, To Increase Productivity On The Jobsite, Milwaukee® Magnetic Tapes Feature Double Sided Printing With Blue Print Scale For Easy Reading And Transferring Of Measurements, Additional Innovative Feature Is The Finger Stop, Which Protects Your Finger When The Blade Retracts.



  • Nylon Bond Blade Protection
  • 5-Point Reinforced Frame
  • Magnetic Hook
  • Finger Stop
  • Double Sided Printing




16 pk AA or AAA Batteries/ 8pk C or D Batteries or 4pk 9v Batteries

Keep those holiday gifts running with these must-haves. Choose Energizer batteries in 16-packs of AA or AAA, 8-packs of C or D, or 9V 4-packs. If you can’t remember the last time you bought batteries, chances are it’s been so long that you either don’t have spares or the ones you do have are expired. No worries, we’ve got you covered with December Bargains of the Month. You can either get the 16 pack for $11.99 or the 8 pack for $12.99. Whichever you choose you’re saving from the original price of $8.99 and $9.99. New Energizer technology allow the batteries to stay fresh in the package for 10 years so you are covered!


1500W Infrared Quartz Heater  

With this Georgia weather, you never know what you’ll get. One thing is for sure, when it gets cold, it can get pretty cold. Don’t get caught in the cold without an Infrared Heater!


Konwin, 1500W, 4 Tube Infrared Quartz Heater, Black Plastic Cabinet & Castors, Thermostat Control System, Timer, 3 Settings (1500W, 750W, and Eco), Safety Tip Over Switch & Overheating Protections, LED Display & Remote Control, Removable Filter.



  • Product Weight (pounds): 13.9
  • Package dimensions (inches)
  • Length: 11.42
  • Width: 14.45
  • Height: 14.84
  • Hazmat: No
  • Country of Origin: CN





Flood LED Head Lamp

Light this way to savings. Get both the LED head lamp with high and low settings, plus red night vision. And the adjustable LED flashlight. Just twist for spot or flood beam. This will come in handy for any emergency situation or can be used for a fun family camping trip! Be sure to take advantage of this special.

Product Description: PS400, Polysteel Flashlight, Patented LED Light Technology Enclosed In A Stainless Steel Core, Fully Wrapped In A Molded, Fiberglass Nylon Casing, Focus Beam, Twist For Spot Or Flood Beam, Advanced Focus System, High Intensity White Beam, Weatherproof, Drop Proof, Crush Proof, Corrosion Resistant Polymer Casing, Rear Power Switch, 300 Lumens, Bulls Eye Spot Up To 767′ & Ultra View Flood Beam Up To 11-1/2′ Diameter At A Distances Of 6′, 2 Hours Run Time, Uses 4 “AAA” Batteries, Not Included

Product Description: FL65 Flood Headlamp. Has Wide Angle Flood Beam For Illuminating Large Areas With It’s Ultra Wide Circular Beam, Button On The Front Of The Headlamp Allows The User To Swiftly Change Between High, Medium & Low Light Outputs, Switch Quickly To A Fixed Red LED Light To Preserve Night Vision, IPX4 Weather Proof Rating & Safety Reflective Strap, Three “AA” Batteries Included, High 300 Lumens, Low 39 Lumens, Beam Distance High 29 Meters 95′ Low 10 Meters 32′, Runtime High – 2 Hours 45 Minutes & Low 22 Hours.


6pk. Big Roll Paper Towels

The holidays are perfect for family gatherings. But no gathering is complete without paper towels to help clean up the mess.

Clean up with these great prices on paper essentials. Stock up on 6 big rolls of Bounty paper towels and Charmin Ultra-Strong bath tissue.

Product Description: 24 regular roll, Charmin ultra strong bath tissue, 2 ply, product upgrade, cleans so well you can use less.


Our hardware stores are located in Doraville, Duluth, and Oakwood. Make sure you stop by to see us. Our Howard Brothers Family is happy to help you!


Traeger Black Friday Special!

Who said you have to wait until Black Friday to get great deals? For the month of November, you have the chance to save on a Traeger grill for you and your family! Hurry though, it’s for a limited time only! We’ll be giving you $100 off of a Traeger Pro Series and $50 off of both the Bronson and the Tailgater 20 from November 10th til the 27th! So how do you decide which one is best for you? They’re all great but here are a few differences.

Pro Series

The robust new Pro body style has a sawhorse chassis for linebacker-like stability. The brawny new side-lift bar gives even weight distribution and the solid all-terrain wheels ease while rolling your grill over pavers, rocks, and dirt. The new Digital Pro Controller rocks Advanced Grilling Logic, which maintains a +/- 15 degree F temperature control* to guarantee precision grilling. Create the original Traeger taste while taking your grilling skills Pro.

Bronson 20 

The all new Bronson 20 grill is a wood-fired assault grill that’s built to champion cooking outdoors everywhere adventure lies. From your urban patio to your favorite lakeside fishing hole, the broad sawhorse chassis provides stability and the solid all terrain wheels make transporting it over rocks and through dirt simple. The LED Digital Elite Controller display shows the internal grill temperature and has precision temperature settings. With no open flame it’s HOA approved–tuck it in on your condo patio and grill out every night.


  • 300 sq. in. (20″ x 15″) grilling area
  • Digital Elite Controller
  • HOA Approved
  • 10 lb. Pellet Hopper Capacity
  • Easily holds up to 12 burgers | 4 chickens | 18 hot dogs | 3 rib racks


Tailgater 20

From the truck to the game or the cabin without breakin’ a sweat, the Tailgater packs a full-size punch in a portable package. It weighs only 62 pounds and comes with EZ-Fold Legs for max portability. Infusing big, wood-fired taste in tight spaces, now you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ wherever and whenever you damn well please.

  • 300 sq. in. (20″ x 15″)Grilling Area
  • LED Digital, Multi-Position Thermostat Control
  • Easily Holds up to 12 Burgers | 2 Chickens, 18 Hot Dogs | 3 Rib racks




Don’t miss out on our Traeger Black Friday Special! We all know your life will be a million times easier with one of these babies grilling in the backyard. You can even braise your Thanksgiving turkey with a Traeger. Make sure to visit any of our Hardware Locations in Doraville, Duluth, and Oakwood!


Before we forget, here’s another perk. Snap a picture with a Pro Series grill and slap that candid on Instagram using the hashtag #TraegerSentMe and WIN something you can “hang” onto. We’re giving away tree ornaments to the first 500 entries. Check out full contest details here.


Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is Here!

You read that right. Benjamin Moore picked their 2018 Color of the Year and do you know what it is? Here’s the description of it on the website to give you a little hint: “Hot, passionate, and sexy, this is one of our most beloved reds. With a hint of orange, it has lots of personality and is the perfect hue for you if you are drawn to the warmer tones of red.” Figured it out yet? Not to worry, Benjamin Moore decided to go with….





What is it about this color that is so special? Well when asked about it, Benjamin Moore’s Director of Strategic Design Intelligence — Ellen O’Neill — stated this:

“Caliente is the signature color of a modern architectural masterpiece; a lush carpet rolled out for a grand arrival; the assured backdrop for a book-lined library; a powerful first impression on a glossy front door. The eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes. Harness the vitality.” 


This is the second year that Benjamin Moore picks a bold, and out the regular neutral color. (Last year it was Shadow.)  With Caliente AF however, you can’t be shy. As they say, go big or go home. This hot new color is meant to stand out. It evokes passion, confidence, and livens any area. Take a look at how Benjamin Moore used the color to make beautiful rooms.



Every year Ellen O’Neill and her team of 7 go out into the world and look for the right inspiration to lead to picking one of 3,500 Benjamin Moore Colors to be the Color of the Year. To give you some perspective, this year the determined team traveled 19,200 miles, to 12 countries, and attended 23 industry shows to choose 1 color to beat them all.

O’Neill stated in an interview with Architectural Digest that this color first caught her eye when she attended the Women’s March in DC before heading to Paris for a big Trade Show. Take a look for yourself. You can see the traces of red and pink that stand out with the confidence of all the women standing together. 

It wasn’t long after this that O’Neil began to notice the popularity of this beautiful red color. From the red robes of the maids in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale to the Items in MoMa’s “Items” Show. This color popped every time it was in the room.






Friendly Reminders

We know after reading this, you’re probably ready get your own Caliente projects started in your own home. That’s great! But before you do so, just a few helpful tips.

  1. Remember, red is a color that is difficult to get right because it has such high pigmentation. In order to avoid dissatisfaction make sure you buy quality paint which is hard to come by in a big box store. Benjamin Moore is a company that specializes in quality paint and only sells to authorized dealers. Howard Brothers is a proud dealer with 3 hardware locations in Duluth, Doraville, and Oakwood in case you want to check us out!
  2. Before you paint, make sure you’ve picked out a deep tint primer so you don’t have to apply so many coats.
  3.  You want to make sure you buy the right tools. Make sure you have a quality white woven roller that is 3/8.
  4. Also, when it comes to red paints, you’ll sometimes find that your lap lines are visible. To avoid this, start painting on primer with a brush, applying a narrow swath of paint carefully around window trim, corners, door frames and other nooks that would be tough to get to with a roller. This is called “cutting in.” then use a roller for the rest. Repeat with color.
  5. Let first coat dry before adding second coat. May apply second coat after depending on how satisfied you are.
  6. If you are nervous about taking the dive and painting a whole room red, perhaps try it out on a focal point first. (a mantel, a bookcase, the inside of a bookcase) Then go from there.
  7. Have fun! Painting is a form of expression. Don’t be afraid to try bold new colors.


Our Howard Brothers staff is happy to help with your next paint project. Be sure to visit us if you have any questions for your next DIY.








New Partnership – Howard Brothers Partners with Georgia Swarm Lacrosse Team

Exciting Opportunity to Witness Growth of Lacrosse in Georgia

The Georgia Swarm is a lacrosse team that actually originated in 2004 and is formerly known as the Minnesota Swarm. It wasn’t until that 2015 that the owner of the team, John Arlotta, announced that the team would relocate to Georgia for the upcoming 2016 NLL Season. To justify the move to Georgia, Arlotta stated in a press release, “The sport of lacrosse is growing at a rapid pace in Georgia and we’re thrilled to bring the fastest game on two feet at the professional level to the arena at Gwinnett Center.”

Since their move to Georgia, the lacrosse team has seen success in their seasons. In 2016, the Georgia Swarm managed to make it to third place where they lost in the division semifinals. 2017 however, marked the first championship for the team. They are ready and excited to defend their championship title this next season starting in December.

Why It Matters

As you may know, Howard Brothers is proud to be considered a local business in the 5 different cities it resides in. The hardware and power equipment chain has stores in Athens, Alpharetta, Doraville, Duluth, and Oakwood. The Georgia Swarm’s home arena is the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth which is basically Howard Brothers’ Duluth backyard. Howard Brothers is more than happy to partner with a Georgia Pro team, but this is as local as it gets. As Arlotta stated, lacrosse is growing rapidly in Georgia and Howard Brothers is excited to be a part of that growth and witness it first-hand.

Join in on the fun this season!

The first home game of the season is on December 30th at the Infinite Energy Arena. Howard Brothers is excited to be attending the first of many home games. If you get to the game early enough, be sure to stop by the Howard Brothers tents, we will have fun contests and prizes! It’s okay if you can’t make the first home game, there will be a total of 8 home games in the season.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country. Between 2009-2013 lacrosse in Georgia has increased in participation by 59 percent, falling behind only Minnesota and Florida. It’s fast, it’s exciting. You may find that it’s the sport for you! Plenty of our own folks at Howard Brothers have children who play lacrosse so even the Howard Brothers family is excited to watch the Georgia Swarm’s games!