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The possibilities of Chalkboard paint

The possibilities are endless and creativity knows no bounds with ben® Chalkboard paint, available in any color. We absolutely love all of the ways you can use this product to create a unique space. Have you stretched your imagination with our Chalkboard paint? This is great paint for a playroom for young ones or for… Continue Reading The possibilities of Chalkboard paint

The Williamsburg® Paint Collection

North Georgia and Atlanta still have so many historic homes throughout the cities! Colors like these can help refinish or recreate looks from those original houses. The Williamsburg® Paint Collection features 144 rich colors that are formulated to recreate colors found in historic homes and early American design. Give your dining room a sophisticated look with neutral… Continue Reading The Williamsburg® Paint Collection

Tackling the Ceiling

When you’re making over a room, start from the top by tackling the ceiling first. Don’t be intimidated by this task! Our professionals recommend using Waterborne Ceiling Paint, a staple in their tool kit. It’s easy to apply, covers most surface imperfections and has minimal splatter. Our True Value stores in Oakwood, Duluth, and Doraville… Continue Reading Tackling the Ceiling

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