Shout Out to Weingartz

With Father’s Day just around the corner, businesses are starting to vamp their marketing strategies. Stop by any of our Howard Brother’s locations for great Father’s Day gifts!! (Quick shout out)  We’d like to applaud Weingartz for their creative efforts and use of Pinterest. They’ve created their Pinterest board full of great ideas for Father’s… Continue Reading Shout Out to Weingartz

Echo Blower

To show you just how strong Echo’s backpack blower is, Echo USA brilliantly showed us in this quick video. Watch it below:   At 234 MPH, an ECHO backpack blower is stronger than a category 5 hurricane. With Hurricane Season officially starting, this commercial is very relevant. Echo is a brand we gladly sell, be… Continue Reading Echo Blower

Perfect Time for a Exmark Quest Mower

A Quest for Excellence The Exmark Advantage is Exmark’s willingness to work alongside it’s customers and then take feedback in order to create a product that always fit’s the customer’s changing needs. Each mower delivers great comfort, performance, and increased fuel efficiency. These features and it’s drive for innovation is what makes Exmark one of Howard Brother’s… Continue Reading Perfect Time for a Exmark Quest Mower

Hurricane Season Preparedness

While was browsing Facebook, I came across a post in particular. Honda Power Equipment reminded us how important safety is for this time of the year. As of June 1st, Hurricane Season has officially begun. How prepared would you be if a hurricane hit an area near you? Even if you’re not in immediate danger,… Continue Reading Hurricane Season Preparedness

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