Celebrate with Color – Free Sample Can from Benjamin Moore

Buyer’s remorse is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car or house.

But have you ever had that feeling of regret after painting an entire room?

Most of us don’t want that feeling, but when it comes to paint and specifically Benjamin Moore paint, you can reduce the possibility of remorse with color samples!

Free Benjamin Moore Sample Can


Benjamin Moore® Color Samples allow you to “try on” a paint color before you commit to the time and expense of painting an entire room. Interior designers and professional painters do a “brush out” when deciding on color. This entails applying paint to a small section of the wall or several walls to see how the color looks in the actual environment. By sampling a color at home, you’ll get the most accurate sense of how the color will actually look in the room.

Each of the 16 oz. paint color samples covers approximately two 4′ X 4′ or eight 2′ x 2′ areas with two coats of paint. You can test a number of different colors at a time. You can also paint smaller test swatches on several walls to see how a particular color will look throughout a room under various lighting conditions.

Normally these sample cans cost $6.99 at our stores, and it is still a great value which most people understand and take advantage of, but because you found this post on our site… we want to give you a sample can.

Print the coupon below and bring it in to either our Duluth or Oakwood stores. It is valid for 1 free color sample.


But Wait There’s More!

Bring this coupon in to get your free sample can, but also receive a coupon valid for $5 off your next purchase of up to 5 gallons of select Benjamin Moore paint. Eligible products include: ADVANCE®, ARBORCOAT®, Aura®, ben®, Kitchen & Bath, Regal® Select, Fresh Start, and Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint.



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