STIHL Chain Saw Safety Video

Atlanta has been experiencing some pretty nasty storms this week in the evenings. There have been high winds, A LOT of rain and sometimes hail, and  thunder/lightning. There have been several cases of power outage due to downed trees and power lines. Whenever storms hit the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area, we always experience an increase in folks coming in looking for chain saws and generators.

All three of our stores have a large supply of STIHL products. We as a company were the world’s largest STIHL dealer in 2011 and have won that recognition many years over the past 25 years. Much of that is due to the fact that we sell to many commercial landscape companies in the area, but we also sell many units per year to homeowners. We take the same amount of time to listen to homeowners and hear their questions, make recommendations that fit their need and follow up with training and education on product use.

This video from STIHLUSA is a great resource if you’re going to be using a chain saw of any type, but it specifically deals with STIHL chain saws.

If you are interested in a new STIHL chainsaw and you’re in the Atlanta area or in North Georgia, please check out our dealer website that shows STIHL prices and other information, or feel free to come into one of our stores.

STIHL Chainsaw Safety Video Atlanta Georgia

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