Chainsaw Safety Instructions and Video

With all the storms that came through this evening in Atlanta and North Georgia, there are trees down everywhere. I passed by a huge tree in a church parking lot that was down in Peachtree Corners this evening. That being said, we know that chainsaws are gonna be pulled out of storage and put to work. Now is a good time to pause and remember safe operating practices for chainsaws.

Chainsaw Safety Reminder
Chainsaw Safety Reminder

Review all standard safety features on your saw. Below are just a few of the things to consider… but not an exhaustive list.

  1. Make sure the chain break works. This will cause the chain to stop immediately if kickback occurs.
  2. Make sure that your chainsaw is properly oiled. Bar oil keeps the chainsaw from overheating. It also ensures that the chain does not bind causing stress on the saw and therefore sudden jerking transferred to your hands and arms.
  3. Wear proper safety clothing when operating a chainsaw. Gloves, Goggles, Ear Protection, Footwear that will not slip, hard hat and leg protection such as chaps.
  4. Do not operate a chainsaw if the the chain is not sharp. This seems obvious, but forcing a saw to do more than it should do under regular use is dangerous to the user.
  5. You should read the user manual of your particular saw to cover any other safety features of your saw.

Check out the videos that STIHL USA have created about basic chainsaw operating procedures and safety measures.

If you need any help with your chainsaw, or need to purchase a new one, please let us know how we can help. When it comes to a chainsaw, you most definitely need someone who you can trust. We can get you the right size saw for your specific needs. We have safety equipment that we can recommend. We can service your old saw and sharpen chains if needed.

Stay safe.

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