Clark Howard Talks Ethanol with Howard Brothers

Consumer advisor, Clark Howard recently did a story on Ethanol in Fuel and how it affects small engines like lawn mowers, string trimmers and other power equipment.

Clark Howard (no relation) spoke with our service manager, Joseph Milligan, about common service issues that we see and how having an awareness of how the fuel is acting can help prevent damage to your equipment. He also spoke about the benefits of using an ethanol free fuel like SEF in equipment that you don’t use as often as others.

We’re very excited that Clark decided to talk about this issue because it is HUGE in our industry. You must develop a healthy fuel hygiene. You can not store and use gas in your small engines like you used to.

Check out the video:


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  1. Very cool Andy. One of my FB moto buddies posted the link. My best to Tim & Doug too.

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