Clever STIHL Marketing Found thanks to Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? Even know what Pinterest is? From a social media standpoint, it is an application that allows someone to share online content with their circle of influence. In the beginning it seemed to be mostly attractive to females, but men have even got into the habit of sharing pinning articles that they think their friends would be interested in reading too. We’re just beginning to get a little more involved in Pinterest. Hope you’ll join us.

We’ve mentioned in the past some clever marketing campaigns by several of the brands that we represent. There was the STIHL ad that tells you to Get Real. Get Outdoors. They have also done a good job promoting their brand as being American Made. While I was looking at my Pinterest boards yesterday, I found one that I had not seen. These came out in 2010. Check them out.

I laughed at this one. Most copy writers and marketers are told to keep the copy simple. When you hand in your article to your editor, it is often returned with a note to “cut it in half.”

That is the simplicity of this. Look at the bold copy at the bottom. STIHL is made for professional loggers, landscapers, homeowners, construction workers, farmers, firefighters… and long-winded writers.

STIHL has a history, and when you become an owner of a STIHL product, you become a part of that history.

Creative STIHL Blower Ad

What stands out to me on this ad is a subtle reminder that STIHL is loyal to their dealer network. Lately, we’ve seen consumers become passionate about supporting small businesses. They understand that buying local will support their communities better than buying from a national or even international brand or company.

The ad simply states “Bigger isn’t better when it comes to consumers’ shopping habits.” I’d like to add to that copy that an apron does not an expert make. Our folks are not going to try and sell you something you don’t need. We are experts in all the products we represent. Frankly, if you don’t need a STIHL and another product fits your need better, than we will tell you. Our long term relationship with you the customer is more important than a temporary sell.

Creative STIHL trimmer Ad

This last ad follows the first two with a lot of the same features. The ad copy reads: Homeowners Looking for the Power to Do More with their Properties. Engineered to give every job a professional-looking finish.

This is so TRUE. While we are excited to serve 20 of the top 25 landscaping companies in Atlanta, we are equally excited by helping Joe and Jane Homeowner with their power equipment needs. Again, we will take the time to make sure that the homeowner understand the tool. How to use it. How to use it safely. How to maintain it. How to create a professional looking finish to the job that they are trying to accomplish.

We hope that you will make us your preferred STIHL store for equipment, parts and service. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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