Congratulations Peachtree Ridge Robolions!

Howard Brothers has been sponsoring the Robolions since 2007. The Robolions are the Peachtree Ridge Highschool Robotics Team. Over the past few years, robotics competitions have become more popular and it is an excellent opportunity for students to combine all types of engineering and creativity skills together to problem solve as a team.   This seems like an odd relationship, but when you think about it, hardware stores can be a dynamic place for a creative/engineering type person to visit. Whether it be a plumbing, electrical problem or whether you’re just being inventive, problem solving skills can be tested and tried.

The Peachtree Ridge Robolions recently won the Peachtree Regional FIRST Robotics Competition that was held at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth. The event was a competitive 3 day event where robots that were developed and operated by high school age teams in Georgia and 6 other states. Winning this regional event allows the Robolions to go on to a championship event in St. Louis at the end of April.

If you don’t read any further, let us encourage you to support this team of students. They need to raise $15,000 for travel expenses. Click here to download the sponsor request for and to get more info on how you can help.

That being said, the robot this year was pretty remarkable. The team was given 6 weeks to design, build and troubleshoot a robot that could play a game of basketball. The robots had to be able to pick up foam basketballs and shoot them into goals. The competition had several aspects involving both controlled robots and programmed only times. There were also other skills competitions that the Robolions did very well to ultimately win the event.

It is an entire team effort with mechanical/pit team members, programming team, drive team and everyone cheered on each other. It really is a team effort as they had to work together, problem solve, trust each other and work together.

Way to go Robolions! Good Luck in St. Louis!


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