Creative STIHL Ad from New Zealand

I love this ad from STIHL that came out a few years ago in New Zealand.

And they even followed it up with this. I’m sure that there are some North Georgia Brothers who have had similar situations like this happen to them. There’s a lot of competitive nature in the North Georgia and Atlanta area!

What do you think? Think this would fly over here in the United States?

Creative STIHL ad from New Zealand
Creative STIHL ad from New Zealand

2 thoughts on “Creative STIHL Ad from New Zealand”

  1. I’ve used a variety of chainsaws. Nothing works as well as a Stihl or feels as solid in the hands. But Husqvarna is more fun to say.

    1. Hey chris, shhhh…. I’ve heard several people talking about how solid the Echo chainsaws feel too. STIHL and Echo both make great saws.

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